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Animal Experimentation And The Human Understanding Of...

Any knowledge obtained, or currently being obtained, through the use of animals is beneficial to furthering the human understanding of medicine (Greek et al. 15). Throughout history, animal experimentation has been a key component in understanding the fundamentals of human life. Kay Peggs argues that â€Å"virtually every major medical advance of the last century is due, in part, to research with animals† (624). Before recent times, scientists could easily dissect animals strictly for exploration and curiosity (Greek et al. 15). The knowledge gained from animal experimentation has helped scientists get desired results without causing direct harm to humans. Without animal experimentation, medicine and education would be in the dark ages. In today’s times, using animals for medical research and education is a highly controversial issue. Some believe that it is not justifiable to use animals to serve as human models. They argue that humans are the best models for human disease and treatment efficacy, not animals. However, humans cannot be test subjects for the benefit of society without volunteering to participate and fully understanding the question being researched. This is for all human beings, including prisoners, the mentally impaired, and unwanted children (Rollin 5). Also, according to the USDA, the first requirement for a new medical drug or vaccine to be considered for a clinical trial is that nonhuman animal subjects were used during the development and testingShow MoreRelatedAnimal Experimentation And Its Effects On Human Life And Survival965 Words   |  4 Pages1302 September 18, 2014 Animal Experimentation The various experiments are performed on living animals especially to test the effects of chemical compounds such as new drugs, cosmetics, food additives and pesticides. The application of animals to test a large number of products from household compounds and cosmetics to pharmaceutical has been considered to be a normal strategy for many years. Animal experimentation has existed since ancient times and contributed to human life and survival. The mostRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Animal Testing859 Words   |  4 Pagesfield of health sciences is the use non-human test subjects by medical research institutions. Animals used for experimentation can provide extremely important information due to their physical and genetic similarities to humans. The tradeoff to furthering the field of medical science is that often times these experiments result in pain, suffering, and death of the test subjects. This raises serious ethical and moral questions about the use of animal experimentation. It is a matter of serious debate asRead MoreThe Pros and Cons of Animal Testing1413 Words   |  6 Pageslaboratories more then 100 million animals are burned, poisoned and lamed (Top 5 Shocking Animal Experimentation Facts). Each year scientists use animals in order to progress, to improve life of people and animals. However, many testing animals suffer and die. But others do not agree and support the fact that we should use animals because of advance. So what are advantages and disadvantages of using animals? This problem will be researched from different areas such as medicine, ethics and economy. MainRead MoreEssay about We Need More Animal Research, Testing, and Experimentation1416 Words   |  6 PagesWe Need More Animal Research, Testing, and Experimentation    A life can be taken or created in a matter of seconds and with that has come the miracles of modern medicine. People have come to expect science to save lives, prevent illness, relieve suffering and improve the quality of life. The means of curing, treating and preventing diseases are not achieved by magic or accident. Medical advances are gained through years of intensive research -- research in which laboratory animals have playedRead MoreEssay about Using Animals in Research and Experimentation623 Words   |  3 PagesAnimals should be used for research and Experimentation because if the animals get sick or show any signs of acting abnormal then the scientists know it isn’t safe for humans to use. Animal research has played a big role in nearly every medical breakthrough over the last decade. Animals have the same organ system that perform the same task, which helps determine if what is being tested is safe for humans to use. Most of the medicines animals use the same medi cine as humans like antibiotics, painRead MoreJunior Rios. Britschgi. English 3. March 21St, 2017. Animal1004 Words   |  5 PagesBritschgi English 3 March 21st, 2017 Animal Testing Throughout the years the use of animals in medical research has been a hot debate around the world. Although animal testing may be cruel and inhumane, thousands of humans are saved thanks to the research that animals supply researchers with. Animals testing have taken over our knowledge of medicine and treatments to a whole different level. Animal testing also does this in a cheap and effective way. Without animals testing out knowledge wouldn’t beRead MoreAnimal Experimentation And The Medical Field Essay1367 Words   |  6 PagesAnimal experimentation has notably advanced the medical field since its beginnings nearly two thousand years ago. Modern surgeries, antibiotics, and vaccines have been discovered and put into effect to better the lives of humans worldwide and increase our life expectancy by thirty years. However, animal rights activists argue that tests are not accurate or reliable due to angularities. Morality continues to toy with the minds of the public. Religiou s organizations, like the Catholic Church, approveRead MoreShould Animals Be Used For Testing Purposes?966 Words   |  4 PagesShould Animals Be Used for Testing Purposes? Testing on animals has always been a controversy often debated. Millions of animals are tested on each year to aid in the research and development of commercial and scientific products. Animals get tested on to ensure the safety of human use or consumption in anything from beauty products to medicine. Testing has enabled life-saving advancements in medicine; however it is no longer necessary to harm animals in the process of saving humans. Animal testingRead MoreAnimal Experimentation And The Early Greek Era1716 Words   |  7 PagesYuritza Vargas-Gomez Ms. Thomas ENC 1101 9 November 2015 Animal Experimentation: We Owe It to Them Animal Experimentation has been dated as far back as to the Early Greek Era. This practice has been viewed as ethical by research scientists trying to find new medical breakthroughs. Yet, in recent years, the use of animals in research and experimentation has been frowned upon by animal protection groups and animal rights activists. Animals are protected by certain guidelines and ethics prior to theirRead MoreThe Benefits of Animal Testing to the Field of Medicine1097 Words   |  4 Pages Benefits of animal testing in the field of medicine The medication you are taking was tested on animals. It might save your life and it may save even the animals’ life. Are you for or against animal testing? What is animal testing? Animal testing is a phrase that most people have heard but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what is involved. Whether it is called animal testing, animal experimentation or animal research, it refers to the experimentation carried out on animals. It is used to assess

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