Monday, November 18, 2019

Societal Impact & Cost vs. Benefit Research Paper

Societal Impact & Cost vs. Benefit - Research Paper Example Combustion of diesel also pollutes the environment by producing smoke, which is hazardous to survival, and removing diesel engines would reduce the levels of poisonous gases and smoke hence improve the health of people. However, cost of transportation would greatly increase since diesel offers lower costs of transportation than other fuels used for transportation. Alternative fuels would replace diesel in all forms of road transport, and this will make the energy sector sustainable over the years. The alternative fuels can be a mixture of bio fuels, synthetic fuels, methane and liquefied petroleum gas, which significantly reduce the amounts of poisonous gases in the atmosphere (Business Green). These alternative fuels produce minimal or no amount at all of greenhouse gases, and this means that global warming will be significantly reduced. Pollution will also be reduced through elimination of the smoke and poisonous gases emitted by combustion of diesel in the diesel engines. This implies that the environment will be protected from pollution hence healthy surroundings. Alternative fuels will enhance locomotion using electric and fuel cell vehicles, which will meet the demands for all transportation needs. Taking diesel engines off the roads will protect the environment from pollution, prevent air pollution from smoke and reduce health disorders related to the gases emitted from combustion of diesel. Bio fuels have the potential to meet all transport costs as well as reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other green house gases, which cause health complications and environmental degradation

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