Friday, November 1, 2019

Business Management And Leadership - Defining The Manager (U1IP) Essay

Business Management And Leadership - Defining The Manager (U1IP) - Essay Example has already stated that the person needs to be able to ‘take charge, organize things, and get people motivated and working again.’ During the interview, then, it will be necessary to look for behavioral characteristics that lie within the candidate. These can include, but are not limited to, â€Å"analytical problem solving, attention to detail, continuous learning, oral communication, written communication, conflict management, assertiveness, control, creativity, innovation, customer service, decisiveness, delegation, entrepreneurial insight, diplomacy, empathy, employee development, energy, decision making, oral fact finding, financial analytical ability, futuristic thinking, initiative, goal orientation, impact, independence, flexibility, innovation, integrity, interpersonal skills, leadership, influence, planning and organizing, listening, management, motivation, negotiation, judgment, persuasion, participative management, presentation skills, risk taking, process o peration, rapport building, resilience, practical learning, safety awareness, sales/persuasiveness, sensitivity, stress, teamwork, professional knowledge, technical proficiency, tenacity, training, and strategic analysis† (,

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