Saturday, October 19, 2019

SMART Goal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

SMART Goal - Assignment Example In working out the core competency, some critical aspects must be considered. The aspect to be put on considerations is the skill, knowledge and attributes (KSA) that is related with this competency. The only KSA that is related with core competencies is using evidence to guide nursing practice. In unison, the core competence and the KSA will be used to form a leadership development smart goal. I will research on benefits of using evidence-based practice on employees who commit errors while doing nursing procedures in hospital, after I seek approval from the hospital manager. Review nursing procedure manual and guidelines, and convene a meeting with organizers of continuous medical education. Review scholarly articles and credible databases to obtain information on how using evidence to guide your practice can benefit the employees by November 24, 2014 (MacLeod, 2012). As policy dictates for any other institution, one has to seek approval before any investigative or research is done. This is usually done to safe guide the interest of others who might be implicated on the research if the motive of the research is bad. To avoid researches that might wrongfully implicated on any research the motive must be assessed. On approval one need to display the proposal of the research and what he or she is seeking to achieve. With this very reason, I had to seek for the approval from the hospital manager in order to get the consent and a go ahead letter to pursue my research on the benefit of evidenced practice in the hospital set up on the employees that commit many errors for the absence of using evidence to guide their practice. This should come first on the action plan. Next on the action plan was to review the procedure manuals and the guidelines being used in the practice. The intention is to identify the most current position of the employees with regard of material being used to practice in the hospital. This one of the problem

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