Friday, October 4, 2019

Cultural differences and similarities between Russia and Tunisia Essay Example for Free

Cultural differences and similarities between Russia and Tunisia Essay The countries of Tunisia and Russia are two very different nations with two very different peoples. Though the countries do share certain similarities, the culture there and the cultural specifics of the people in the two nations are quite different. The main differences between the two nations come as a result of lifestyle and religion, which trickle down to impact the rest of the culture in the countries. Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa, but it is different from many of the African nations that surround it. The culture there is dominated by religion, as it is a highly Muslim country. The majority of the people not only follow the religion, but closely adhere to the cultural conditions that the religion mandates. There is little room in the nation for people who are different, as homosexuality is considered a crime and women are discouraged from wearing anything other than extremely conservative clothing. This is, in short, the Tunisian way and it must be adhered to by residents and visitors alike. The cuisine there is highly based upon the religion, as a lot of Arab food is present. It all conforms to the Muslim standards. In Russia, there is an emphasis on religion, but because the nation is so large, the people are not controlled by only one religion. In fact, many different religions permeate the population and most co-exist peacefully. One can draw some similarities between the two cultures in at least one regard. Art is very important to the people of Russia, just as it is to Tunisians. In Tunisia, one can find many different art museums and festivals. This can happen in Russia, as well, as there are some of the finest art displays in the entire world there. All in all, this is one of the strongest similarities for two nations that are separated by a strict religious difference barrier.

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