Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Compare 4 poems (1 Duffy/ 1 Armitage/ 2 Pre 1914) which you have found :: English Literature

Compare 4 poems (1 Duffy/ 1 Armitage/ 2 Pre 1914) which you have found interesting because of the way they are structured and the language used. In this essay, I am going to compare four poems, which are " Stealing" by Carol Ann Duffy, "Hitcher" by Simon Armitage, "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning and "The Laboratory" by Robert Browning that I have found interesting as the way they are structured and the language used. The four poems all have similarities between themselves, as they are all involved with the theme of violent. Also, the poets have used many different language devices with a well-planned structure to make the poem more appealing to the reader. This is effective, because it makes the reader feels that it's different from the other poems. Firstly, in "Stealing" Duffy has started off the poem with a rhetorical question, "The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman." (Line 1) This may illustrates to us either that the persona is responding the question that some one has asked in a conversation or the persona wanted to tell us what is the unusual thing she/he has stole. This makes us feel interesting to the poem, because the languages Duffy has used, to make we as a reader to interpret whatever way we like. The structure in "Stealing" is irregular, because the previous stanza does not link towards the next stanza. This perhaps displays that Duffy is trying to shows the disturbed mind of the persona. "Mostly I'm so bored I could eat myself." (Line 21) From this sentence we can find out that the persona is an abnormal person, because a normal person would not eat him/herself even though if they were bored. The interesting bit of the structure is that it is unique. Since that some of the poems always have the same structure which seem to be normal and dull, therefore if the poem structured in a different way will make the reader feel it's an extraordinary poem. In contrast, in "Hitcher", "My Last Duchess" and "The Laboratory" although, the languages that the poets have used are not violent, but what the character does in the poem makes the poem seem to be violent. For example: - In "Hitcher", the murder killed a person in the poem, "once with the head, then six times with the krooklok in the face". (Line 13) From this line it proves that Armitage has hardly used any violent languages in the violent act scene. This makes the poem seems to be interesting because the poem has still contains the theme of violent, without using aggressive languages.

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