Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Past, Present, and Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

My Past, Present, and Future - Essay Example In order to excel in life one must learn to amalgamate his past with his present so as to have a better future. Remembering the past is a good practice which helps an individual to learn from his mistakes. It is here in this essay that I would put forward my experiences from the past and elaborate as to how these experiences changed my present. Further, everyone has goals in life which they want to attain and my goals would be mentioned here. Beginning from my very early life I learned quite a few things about my family which revolved around the caring nature of my parents. Their caring nature helped me to adjust with many problems of life and it is because of them that I was able to live a life of a normal person. I still remember specific events that took place in my childhood which revolve around my upbringing. This essay would provide all the details about my present, past and future. My Past Present and Future The story of my life begins from my childhood when I was born in a fa mily which belonged to the middle class society. My past is a simple book which revolved around me and my brother who is younger than me. My father belonged to a military background and from the very beginning I saw him in an army dress. It was in my childhood that I developed some interest in the military operations. My parents belonged to two different back grounds. My father was of a African descent whereas my mother was a Hispanic. We lived together as a happy family without facing any sort of family problems. My childhood was a simple one and I only remember specific events that used to take place almost daily in my life. Visiting church was a tradition for our family and I accompanied my parents to the church on every Sunday. My father loved fishing and every now and then he took me to a trip of fishing with him. Altogether I grabbed the skills of fishing through my father who was an excellent fisher. As my father belonged to a military background we had to go through many res huffles in our settlement. We moved through countries after countries because of my father’s transfer in military. It was through these trips that I was able to learn about different cultures. I grasped the skills of diversity and how to handle different situations with different people. My brother at that time did not get along with me well and hence we ended up fighting each other at most instances. However gradually with time we have realized each other’s worth and we love each other till date. Belonging to a middle class family of this sort I never realized the importance of education. If I strived for education at the right moment I could have achieved a better job than I am currently working at. Plato described education in the following strong words â€Å"If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life† (Freccero & Jacoff 1986) While working in military I still ponder on the words of Plato and wonder if I could rewind my life. As I did n ot pay much heed to studies in life I coped up with the burden of life by adapting to different jobs. In order to cope up with my financial crisis I first worked as a waiter in a fast food restaurant. The experience was not something to be proud of as all day it required work with much less respect in return. The job did not have much returns and I finally decided to leave it to find a better future. It was here that I looked forward to driving for a

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