Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Flight Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Flight - Research Paper Example The disappointment leads to few people being trained as pilots and even some changing their pilot careers. This paper will discuss the factors that lead to a shortage in the number of pilots in the airline industry. The paper will also offer probable measures that would rectify the solution if implemented. The main reason why  everyone  works is because they want to get salaries. Salaries are the motivation factor for people to work or to desire to join a certain career. The pilot career is among the best white color jobs, but the salaries offered are quite disappointing (Bachman 1). One expects that being in the pilot career; they will receive the best salaries as compared to being in other careers. The technicality in the job also calls for attractive salaries. However, the starting salaries of pilots are very low. Although the salaries may differ depending on the airline, on average, the starting salaries are very low. The educational efforts that one inputs do not match the salary that is provided. This fact keeps away the people who would be willing to train as pilots. Other careers that are in the same level as the pilot career such as medicine and architecture are well paying. The bright students will opt to study medicine and architecture rather that piloting since they expect to have better salaries from the start. Most airlines have failed to address the problem claiming that raising the salaries will lead to increasing travel costs for passengers. However, failing to address one problem has caused bigger problems such as delayed flights that chase away customers (Bachman 1). Most customers would prefer paying more rather than having delays. It is, therefore, necessary that airline managers should address the problem since it will have a double gain. Customer’s loyalty will be build and at the same time, the issue of pilot shortage will be curbed. Their salaries determine the lifestyles that people of a certain

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