Monday, September 2, 2019

Essay --

Anne Frank also known as Annelies Marie Frank was a sixteen year old girl who got murdered during the Holocaust. She was born in the city of Frankfurt in Germany to her parents Otto and Edith Frank. Anne Frank had an older sister who was three years older than she was and her name was Margot Betti Frank. The Franks were known as a very liberal family who were also classified as a middle class family since their ancestors lived in Germany. In 1933 the Franks decided to move towards Amsterdam since Germany was being overruled by the Nazis. While the family had adjusted to Amsterdam, Otto Frank was really focused on his business since he was new into the city. Anne and Margot were also getting adjusted to the school system and when they were well adjusted they started to have friends who were Jewish and non Jewish. Six years later which was in 1939, Anne’s and Margot’s grandmother decided to join them in Amsterdam as well and be reunited with her two beautiful nieces. In M arch, 1940 a horrible trajedy happened Amsterdam which was that Amsterdam had been attacked by the Nazis who overrul...

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