Sunday, August 11, 2019

Organizational research on E-commerce Coursework

Organizational research on E-commerce - Coursework Example After going through the education sector, that has vigorous training from the primary level, secondary and tertiary level we gain skills that lead us to seek a way of earning an income. Most of us fall under the employment sector. Others start their own business. From this business ventures, Organization are formed. The investments call for skilled and semi-skilled employees to run their business objective. (Chava & Nachmais, 2008).Research has been carried out to find out the level of job satisfaction in a given a given organization. The bigger and complex the organization is, it calls to different levels of management. In this organizations highest level of management being the Chief Executive Officer to the most junior staff. At these different levels the employees can be at rewarding and overwhelming positions mostly the managers. This paper will critically evaluate the research done on why the employees feel overwhelmed with work demands, workloads and work related stress. On th e last part of this paper, the paper will focus on where we have adequate staff to perform the job properly which allows the organization to provide top quality of patient care. Problem Statement Employees more often than not feel overwhelmed, and may be required to figure out what might be the underlying issue in their organization of work. Most of the time the situation is not as bad as the employees may think. Perception is a key factor while juggling in between the duties allocated and personal life. Many feel they don’ have enough time for their social life. Those who have families and dependents to look after feel that their jobs are too tying. The key factor is fatigue and balance of the world around any given individual. (Creswell, 2003). When you feel overwhelmed you need to figure out ways to rework your schedules and be in a position to accomplish whatever is required of you and re-energize on the areas that need your attention. Prioritizing on the core duties will ease the tension of feeling overwhelmed. As the current situation is solution sort to cap on this burning issue both in the government sectors and in the private sector. Seeking for help in work place is highly encouraged .employees should never feel ashamed to seek for assistance in their department. This can be practiced by the act of delegating, some of their duties to the skilled employees in their department. By failing to complete certain tasks does not necessarily mean the employee is incompetent, it might be the company has overloaded these employee and would need some assistance to meet the business objective. (Chava & Nachmais, 2008). The company at sometimes put too much on the employees shoulders to carry. Open communication needs to be put in place so that whenever such occurrence in the work place. Time management has been an area of success to those who use this asset well. Employees are overwhelmed because they fail to manage time well. Employees get overwhelmed whe n time catches up with them. Inevitable situations do occur in the work place, with the right priorities such situation is solved in a well speculated manner. Employees should focus on important issues at hand and solve them in good time and eliminating the overwhelming factor in the work place. Use of available technology advancement can ease the overwhelming situation towards the employee. A good example would be like when an employee is on leave or not in a position to access the office for some time, the can set auto reply on their outlook and e-mails to notify the fellow colleagues that this particular person is not available for this certain period of time. Use of blackberry handsets and the internet enabled handset can ease communication and task and these are some of the new technologies that can be used to simplify issues. (Spackman, 2002). Literature Review The major principle for growing the employee awareness is for the team to have a complete overview of what their empl oyer is looking for in the survey. Approximate 60 % will be

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