Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Digital forensic Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Digital forensic - Coursework Example So, digital forensic has become very essential and in fact a part of the overall security perspective of any computer based industry, in spite of various challenges associated with the digital forensic investigation process. The increased use of Skype is resulting in increased number of cyber crimes as the users take advantage of the anonymity associated with its use. But with the aid of apt digital forensic tools, valuable evidences can be retrieved and it can reveal the defendant’s activities. This report will discuss about the various available tools that will aid the digital forensic investigation process, document the steps involved in the investigation process along with the challenges that has to be faced during the course of the investigation process. The artifacts collected from a Skype conversation can be analysed with the help of several investigation tools like ‘Skype chat carver’, ‘Belkasoft Evidence Center’, ‘Chat Examiner’, ‘Epilog’, ‘Forensic Assistant’, ‘Internet Evidence Finder’, ‘Skype Extractor’, ‘SkypeAlyzer’, ‘SkypeLogview’, and others (Mikhaylov 2013). It is very important to know where and how to recover the evidences like calls, messages, contacts, file transfers, and voicemails from a user’s accounts in order to utilize the above mentioned tools in the forensic analysis process. The steps stated below will help in the evidence recovery process. There are four users who use Skype application in this example. The file named ‘shared’ is a XML file which contains the main configuration information like time of usage, IP address, and other useful information. Exploring the ‘shared’ file one can retrieve the Unix style time stamp information (Shaw 2014). Here comes the first challenge. This Unix style time stamp information is displayed in a coded format as a string of numbers, which has to be converted to

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