Thursday, July 25, 2019

To what extent can a democracy infringe Human right through means of Research Paper

To what extent can a democracy infringe Human right through means of torture in order to preserve National security - Research Paper Example Conversely, so much have been talked about ways in which the states are handling the terror suspects. For example, while some people are supporting the idea of detention of terrorist without trial, others are against the idea. They argue that detention of a person without trial is a violation of human rights. International terrorism has been the greatest challenge to every state trying to deal with it. The biggest challenge is however the balance between terrorism and human rights. This paper explains some issues brought forward against states with regard terrorist detention. It also presents steps taken by the states such as the U.S. to stop terrorist. Many people disagree on the definition of terrorism meaning that there is more than one definition of terrorism. According to White (4), terrorism is an act that has to be analysed, measured, and weighed. In addition, the definition of terrorism is presented by different people based on their political and social realities and so there are many definitions. However, there is one that many scholars are using to explain the picture of terrorism. White (4) point out â€Å"that terrorism is an act or threatened act of violence against innocent people for political purposes.† This one definition used by scholars to bring out the picture of terrorism. Department of homeland security have taken quite a number of measures to counter terrorist, this includes, anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism programs. Anti-terrorism is steps taken by state to reduce the threat posed by terrorist. On the other hand, counter-terrorism is offensive measures taken to disrupt, preempt and respond to terrorism. Other measures include terrorism consequence management; the state prepares for consequences of terrorist incidences (Kraft and Marks, n.p). Counter-terrorism measures taken by the U.S. assisted in

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