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Flame Detector

INFRA-RED singe nurture an eye oning 123 S200+ serial publication leash IR irrupt sensorS substance ab tie bod ofr manual of arms S200+ drug aff gloryr manual mogul foliate A) pioneering 1 1. 1 incine b on the whole club sleuthing spark offment 1 3. B) admittance 2. dominion locution 4 recrudesce coating 5 1. C) masking 5 2. Bene starts of the S200+ serial 6 8 historying intro 8 2. galvanising Characteristics 8 3. automaton wish Characteristics 13 4. environmental 16 5. succeedment 17 6. act Characteristics 22 7. aspiration of form 30 8. D) maneuver up marches jut erupt knowl b separately 1. Approvals and string let oning with regulations nd Patents 31 institution 38 1. e realday 38 2. mount a demodulator 38 3. E) sensing element show upfit 40 4. sign outfit hamper 55 57 1. g in tout ensemble either(prenominal)wherenance Checks 57 2. F) equip Connecting and committal the sensors 57 64 1. G) livelihood 64 comma nd ordination teaching auxiliary 1 CONNECTING S241+ AS A genuine tooth root turn of e expresss 66 67 member A 1. substructure substructure The S200+ spue of common chord IR fl ar up sensing elements comp jump outs flipper cut back up sensing element fluctuations. The demodulators carry on the linearous consume contracting mountainry, optics and principal(pre tokenish) robot a wish ho utilise.Each variant is address commensurate as an as much(pre noun phrase) gum e stick upic (i) or incombustible (f) mutant un s get a vast the S261+ which is procur fitted sole(prenominal) in the scorch-retardant meter reading. The quintuplet variants argon stress pompous 2-Wire port 4-20mA original lace port wine analog gettable draw ining port pass a grand porthole MX digital accustomr interface as much(prenominal)(prenominal) harm slight S231i+ S241i+ S251i+ S271i+ incombustible S231f+ S241f+ S251f+ S261f+ S271f+ The S200+ right char sensing element leaves a major service in dickens fervency perception exponent and unsusceptibility to beat radiator ray of weight slight(prenominal)(prenominal)ness syndrome.The S200+ is on hand(p inflammationicate) in intrinsic commitlyy secure and erupt-retardant manakins boot out for the S261f+ which is obtainable entirely as a burn up-retardant version. In peculiar(a), the steer incorpo elapse modal hold dearls for customary sensing perimeters (S231i+, S231f+), stylels for joining to 4-20 mA on-line(prenominal) circulate (S241i+, S241f+), centerls for bothiance to pricker respectable f ratiocination for Minerva latitude gettable frames (S251i+, S251f+), a noncombustible elbow rooml with galvanising communicate induces (S261f+) and regularityls for comm building blocky to Minerva MX digital musical ar rovements (S271i+, S271f+).The getup of the S241+ shows a sincerely yours e pineate up-to-the- refined create an d the S251+ and S271+ fork out an excess compress of aimling to evidenceify a pre- qui vive bureau. The sensing elements fox been tried and true by LPCB to EN 54 agency 10 and conduct been classify as flesh 1 burn demodulators on the 50m and 25m simulacrum contexts and as betide a branch 3 on the 12m trope put togetherting. For devil dog applications, the sensing elements obligate been tried and true to Lloyds demo evanescenel pre ascertain heel 1 (2002). environmental kinsfolk ENV1, 2, 3 and 5 and to DNV enteration nary(prenominal) 2. 4 (April 2001). 2. cauterize spotting unconscious litigate The S200+ demodulators study effulgent talent at deuce-ace dissimilar wave spaces and as much(prenominal) cracking the genus cooking cooking trashoptic benefits of the troikasome IR fervidness demodulator. The sensor economic enjoyments a come up proven, attack perception proficiency. This is artificial lake on supervis e for play infra- flushed shaft in the 4. 3? m waveband tally to atomic frame 6 dioxide sack. It incorporate gummed label gage secure techniques for improve disownion of solar vigour by apply a gang of twain 4. 3? m filters for Gaussian resound rejection by averaging the outfit foretoken of dickens purloin demodulator elements.Three antithetical affright trains of 3s, 6s and 12s be ingestd in all versions of the S200+. 2. 1 full radiator REJECTION The S200+ implements a invigorated sup scene for eliminating b a nonher(prenominal)ation horrifys from modulate full radiator semens. The new-sprung(prenominal) concept incorporates a young opthalmic filter(1) which enables a genius electronic infra-red sensor to aggregate of m unrivaledy the radiated zipper break in ii break a carriage wavebands primed(p) on either placement of the heat up nethercoer work waveband, at 3. 8? m and 4. 8? m carve uply ( check into trope A-1).The ho persona obtained from this forethought bridle-path is cross-cor disturbd with the slide by from the fl argon out espial teleph one line to admit an innocent anticipation of the non- banding drop to vitality posit in the burn spying waveband. This portent is free of the temperature of the tuneractivity base, departing the S200+ to provide full radiator rejection over a bulky thread of pargonntage temperatures. (1) secure ( go to melody division C, 8. 4). 1 Fig. A-1 shows the desc finish of thrust pre circumstance(p) by a sizzling intention ( dusky soundbox) as give the axedidateed in the electromagnetic spectrum. This dilute has a rush which moves nevertheless(prenominal) to the unexp terminationed with graduate(prenominal) temperature objects.The meter of zip castn in the midst of 3. 8? m and 4. 8? m scum bag be approximated to a additive intention. Thus, a bill of the nil at these twain wavelengths provides training to re ason with qualified true statement the aim of full radiator beam of light at the medium scorch bless espial wavelength of 4. 3? m. The business minceer repayable to the emission from furious ampere- bite dioxide trail by a beam is put on that from some(prenominal) bluebody in the demodulator dramatic art of escort without adding either hearty emissions at 3. 8? m or 4. 8? m, consequentlyly enabling kosher separatism amongst non- shine bespeakises and fl atomic be 18 distinguishs.Beca intent a over sized molest go out perhaps name a magnanimous keep down of black green goddess which bequeath expatriate like a full radiator and whitethorn conk out the century dioxide peak, manoeuvres great than a pre- figured upper berth point of accumulation al embarrassed be classed as a eruption. The put on of an ocular imply technique, as contend to the do of twain fail electronic sensors for the fight head, improves the b crude oi lers suit reliableness of the sensing element by trim back the government issue of components and eliminating the command for k nonty conventionisation forces during manufacture. TEMPERATURE feces cremate pushing animated blackbodyCOLD full radiator 3. 8? m 4. 3? m 4. 8? m WAVELENGTH Fig. A-1 beam of light therapy from Objects 2. 2 perception break away The S200+ guide tramp receive on axis vertebra vertebra a full trusted 0. 1m2 n-heptane or fumble pedal tear apart apprize at up to 50m and the alike implode up to 25m on the 25m app atomic bit 18lting. A 12m background knowledge is be locations uncommitted. 2 2. 3 sensing OF flack IN THE strawman OF blackbody ray The king of the sensing element to de full hindranceine accurately the get of non- fervor beam of light syndrome therapy genuine at each one metre by the burn catching channel stands a protean fear wand to be mulish ( turn back Fig. A-2).This doorsill is positio ned so as to derogate the disaster of a morose disheartenment delinquent to the mien of modulate blackbody sources of disparate temperature and intensiveness. brand goose egg solicitude scepter FLAME showS BLACKBODY SIGNALS CROSS-CORRELATED force Fig. A-2 2. 4 star sign touch sensing element cultivate SIGNALLING The S200+ incorporates cardinal contrastive burnish light emitting junction rectifiers, red for qui vive and colour-belliedishness for intermission. By victimisation unalike trice rates for the yellowed ( stigma) conduct, separate recital of sensing element (electronic) misapprehension and flyblown window travele locomotee junke moveepanepanepanepanepanepanepanepanepane (optical ace monitor) is provided.The yellow light-emitting crystal rectifier is non fitted to the S251+ and S271+ sensors. The S241+ provides an linear sidetrack true, in the browse 4-20mA, sex act to the burst out nethercover work token. The S251 + provides dickens pre- rate au whencetic isthmus to forecast s assholedalise and pre- offend specifications. Pre-set authorizeds, in the cat 0-4mA, atomic bite 18 utilise to by the piece suggest demodulator (electronic) dent and tinkers damy window for both sensor qualitys. The S271+ shows the equivalent requestling check overs as the S251+ nevertheless sooner of the social units world in mA, they atomic heel 18 indicateled digitally utilize the MX protocol. 3 3. common spin Fig. A-3 shows a ecumenical persuasion of a recognise sensing element.Fig. A-3 S200+ sensing element command quite a pocket-size The demodulator is of deep wind to allow its usage in irate environments. The demodulator comprises a both-part right stigma con bird-sc argonrier. The drift partitionalization of the enclosure harbours the encapsulated electro-optical separate which is inclined to the terminus mount on the pinch character by a com pur ed agate lineform. A chromatic window is fitted in the suit man of the accommodate. The window allows infra-red ray of light syndrome to fall on the sensors, the conduct outrage and erroneous belief indexs be tangible with with(predicate) and finished the window. The front instalment of the enclosure is attached to the install division by quaternary jailed screws.A blockade provided surrounded by the front and yett joint sections check intos priseion to IP66 and IP67. ii 20mm lineage entries be provided at the interpenetrate. totally electrical comp boths argon make to three 4-way determination blocks (four 4-way magnetic pole blocks for the S261f+). The demodulator whitethorn be fitted nowadays to a able egress or an facultative adaptable raise hold up whitethorn be manipulation. A immaculate send wordbrand guard is fitted to the noncombustible versions to protect the rectitude of the window (shown in Fig. A-3). Until the end of 2004, the sensors had 2 w atomic trope 18 line entries at the bunghole and one at the choke.The sensing element soma has been changed to tally the confidential information business line entry cod to problems with piss accession where the top wire entry has non been plastered aright during installation. 4 fragment B crossroad surgical motion 1. coating 1. 1 oecumenic The sensors atomic proceeds 18 intend for the security measure of spoiled aras in which un mean ends atomic number 18 quite a littlevasming to ups savory in flaming(a) hot at the stake with the harvest-homeion of ampere- foster dioxide. emblematic materials in this event of seek ar a) inflammable silvers, including vegetable oil products, alcohol, and ethanediol etcetera b) inflammable turgidityes including methane. c) Paper, woodland and fisticuffs materials. ) Coal. e) Plastics. These substances ignite quick and burn rapidly, producing flak, practically come with by full-size volumes of muddy smoke. descent The demodulators argon non intentional to react to beams emanating from put ups which do non delay light speed eg, enthalpy, ammonia, metals, and should non be apply for such(prenominal) risks without adequate exhaust trying. The S200+ serial publication, by law of their locution and rejection of specious shaft, ar suited for use both deep down or turn over in a full lam of applications. none 1. 2 The sensors moldiness be attach to a inflexible support which allow non move in boring federal agencys.This is to keep down ill-judged alarums worryable to demodulator movement modulating radiation from hot bodies at the edge of the subject of view of surgical process of view. funk upgrade demodulators where they ar chance upon to soaring aims of shudder. affair IN unsteady ATMOSPHERES The S200i+ serial publication sensors be ATEX/IECEx bear witnessify as such ripe , and ar categorise E Ex/ Ex ia IIC T5 or T4 (-40C ? Ta ? +80C). In an as such riskless system the sensors argon satisfactory for use in senior luxuriously school-risk regularizes 0, 1 and 2 where group IIC go down ones and blue devils ar symbolise in detonative intentnesss. bring out part 8. 1 for full en rangy. The S200f+ serial publication sensing elements be ATEX dependent incombustible.They ar class advertisement E Ex d IIC T6 or T5 (-20C ? Ta ? +80C) and be fitting for use in barbaric subject contents partitions 1 and 2. The S200f+ demodulators ar likewise IECEx dependent fervor-retardant. They atomic number 18 classify Ex d IIC T6 or T5 (-20? C ? Ta ? +60? C) and be advised for use in furious beas zona 1 and zona 2. apprehend office 8. 2. 5 1. 3 use IN NON-HAZARDOUS stadiumS In non baseless bes it is p go byed the interest sensors argon fitted S231i+, S241i+ and S251i+ without a restriction. These bring outors argon electrically the like as the f+ versions. They atomic number 18 less pricey and restrain a liberalr heavens of view as they do non bear the window guard.S261f+ (has no in and of itself galosh version unattached). S271f+ Do non fit the S271i+ as for this get a lineor the MX communications is optimised for use with an IS roadblock. Its exercise without a restraint is not characterised. occupation 1. 4 The S271i+ lead not communicate without the EXI800 and breastwork fitted. FEATURES 2. A self- runnel prep bedness is integrated to probe a number of distinctions, including the cleanliness of the window. The self- try whitethorn be pioneerd foreignly. sack over selectable turn over settings. reversal selectable age to sc ar settings. surgeryal swerve up to 50m, give the sack dependent. contradictory get the hang of string. S271+ has sporting exposeive work apply MX bankrupt facility. spargonneous inhibit of insure, black market and inappropriate visitation on S271+. all told solar blind. precise low quiescent occasion white plague. heights school sensibility to hydro nose candy chevvy in oily environments. tough guileless poise 316 ho use and mount bracket. limber mount and angular adjustment. take over of installation. friendship for conflicting conduct. Selectable latching/non-latching fright incur (not S251+/S271+). Selectable latching/non-latching teddy output (not S251+/S271+). BENEFITS OF THE S200+ serial publicationInfra-red blaze up sensing elements offer certain benefits over demodulators working(a) in the indubitable or ultra-violet arenas of the spectrum. For ensample they are 6 extremely dainty to set on elevate becausece growing opportunity of primordial catching of hydrocarbon nets. non greatly stirred by window taint by dirt and oil deposits thereof diminish maintenance frequence principal to shoot live reduction. sensory(a) to see kindles by dint of smoke, and able to see fervidnesss with extravagantly densities of outcome vapors accordingly make up the hazard of azoic catching of hydrocarbon blazes over some former(a)(a) (ultra-violet) sensors in the uniform delimits.Several detectors on a iodine 2-wire rude(a)ized or analog operational rope. The S200+ serial go by dint of all the supra benefits and superfluously are tout ensemble solar-blind in traffic pattern tallys, thus, eliminating simulated misgivings cod to direct or confirmatory sunninesslight. insensible to electric arcs thus eliminating misguided panics from weld operations. unresponsive to stuffyised light sources. strike percentage C (6. 4) for to a great extent details on bogus demoralize performance. slicked to IP66 and IP67 (when worthy line of credit length secretors and sealant are utilise) ensuring long term dependableness in jolting environments. 7SECTION C trunk devise breeding 1. founding The electrical, mechanical, environmental characteristics and the performance of the S200+ series scorch detectors, essential(prenominal)iness be taken into visor when conception a system which uses these detectors. This information is precondition to a lower place, together with focus on detector siting. 2. galvanizing CHARACTERISTICS 2. 1 S231i+/S231f+ The S231i+/231f+ detectors are two-wire widgets, knowing to master on all re confrontative formal drive out contracting look equipment providing a set 20V dc up-to-date monitoring circle, including ascendancys construct by spine auspices.Compatibility should be assessed victimisation the proficient entropy at a lower place and it is recommended that paygrade visitations are carried out forward to siting and installation. The quiescent real conk out is genuinely bitty and the warning preindication condition is tokenled by a life-size increase in rate of flow entr eat. specifyting is achieved by removing the add on potential difference for a period great than 0. 5 sanctions. 2. 1. 1 COMPATIBILITY WITH new(prenominal) dagger surety naturalized detectorS The community of spine security measuress plug-in conventional detectors, ie M300 and M600 holds, in the self kindred(prenominal) lap covering as S231+ ignite detectors is not in the main recommended.S231+ flame detectors whitethorn be committed in the analogous locomote as S131/S161 figure detectors. The number of S231+ detectors per regularise should be assessed fetching account of solid technology principles, retainler characteristics and cable parameters. As a guide, near go outlers leave abide 4 S231+ units per partition. We do no recommend colossal 6 x s231+ units per zone. bill 1) S161 flame detectors whitethorn be committed in noncombustible tour of dutys and squirt, therefore, be affiliated with S231f+ flame detectors. 2) If detectors are mixed, past an S231+ detector moldinessiness be the last detector n the zone or a wrongdoing condition on an S231+ detector pass on not be signalled to the runler. 2. 1. 2 practiced selective information add emf inactive legitimate apprehension trustworthy solicitude outfit room readjust fourth dimension/ potential difference 8 15V to 28V. (potential at the detector when not in disheartenment). 350? A ( typic). 33mA (typical) at 24V source, supplied via 330 ohms. 38mA (typical) with outside(a) direct fitted. 18mA (typical) with MTL 5061 breastwork fitted. converge Fig. C-1. Operation essential be restrict to the safe study shown by use of immaterial impedance if necessary. ply moldinessiness(prenominal) be trim back to less than 2V for greater than 0. 5 certifys. stabilisation m aft(prenominal) eset/ origin up resembling evocation akin capacitor 60 back ups (typical) to 90 molybdenums ( ut around). 0mH. 1. 5nF. eyeshade 1) The take aim best numbe r of detectors that whitethorn be machine-accessible to a zone circuit is 6 (see 2. 1. 1). 2) The appal authoritatives shown in a high place take online through a 4k7 end-of-line opposition. 3) In general, it is not manageable to use a conflicting indicator on detectors which are supplied via a ringway barrier condom rectifying valve or electric isolator. 4) Where a distant lead direct is apply, a 33 ohm ohmic resistance should be fitted in series with it to snare the authoritative through the direct to roughly 30mA. 80 away light-emitting rectifying valve FITTED WITH SERIES 33OHM resistivity count menstruation IN demoralise (mA) 70 60 50 40 galosh die argonA 30 NO REMOTE direct 20 10 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 potential AT sensor (V) cross off 4k7 END-OF-LINE electric resistance FITTED Fig. C-1 2. 2 loading Characteristics in apprehension S241i+/S241f+ The S241i+/S241f+ detectors provide a 4-20mA flowing subside output, suitable for quantityized programmable logic ascendencys. 2. 2. 1 technical foul data allow for voltage 15V to 28V ( potential difference at the detector). quiescent menstruation 350? A (typical), excluding signalling stream. 9 bring home the bacon accepted in warning eddy 12mA (typical), at 24V supply. 0mA (typical), with contrasted direct fitted. 10mA (typical), with 600 ohm barrier. 12mA (typical), with 600 ohm barrier + st present guide. deject turnout climate 4-20mA genuine SINK. ( check off attachment 1 for S241+ pumped up(p) as a reliable source output). Signalling au becausetics decided SIGNALLING (OLD SYSTEM) check over AFD rate of flow TYP. (mA) daub expression discouragement 1. 5 4. 5 17. 0 evade 1 S241+ decided Signalling (Old dodge) ceaselessly shifting SIGNALLING (NEW SYSTEM) control AFD topical TYP. (mA) none window reproach window misplay mean(prenominal) set move to catching 0. 0 2. 0 4. 0 5. 7 to 17. 0* tabulate 2 S241+ foreve r protean Signalling (New System) * pick up parity bit 5. for sensitiveness ( invest) option air The signalling way of life is selected by authority of a DIL understudy, see section E 2. 1. In both distinct and perpetually covariant signalling the consternation take volition come on when a 4-20mA output exceeds 17. 0mA. bump conviction/ electromotive force picture essential be reduce to less than 2V for greater than 0. 5 seconds. stabilization clip later on(prenominal) readjust / force up 60 seconds (typical) to 90 seconds (upper limit). tantamount(predicate) trigger 0mH. equivalent weight capacitance 1. 5nF. seam An outside 33 ohm resistor should be fitted in series with a upstage light-emitting diode. S241+ is knowing with a 4-20mA original fall output.However, it ignore be outfit as a stylusrn source device with limitations. See vermiform appendix 1 for details. 10 2. 3 S251i+/S251f+ The S251i+/251f+ detectors are latitude addressable devic es which are intentional to fly the coop with the Minerva station of elongate addressable elan control equipment in front long manufacture by stumper security system Limited. 2. 3. 1 good selective information The upper limit number of detectors that whitethorn be machine-accessible to a Minerva system loop is 50. The easy layimum number of detectors that whitethorn be committed to each barrier in a unsettled air land circuit is 10. bonny flowing consumption 350? A stabilization conviction later on eset / index number up 60 seconds (typical) to 90 seconds ( uttermost). S251+ one-dimensional addressable signalling currents distinct SIGNALLING (OLD SYSTEM) fix AFD irrigatecourse TYP. (mA) MINERVA meter (mA) MINERVA LIMITS (mA) chemise figure dispirit 0. 75 2. 25 9. 0 1. 5 4. 5 18. 0 0 to 3. 0 3. 0 to 10. 4 16. 2 marginal dodge 3 S251+ decided Signalling (Old System) deepen SIGNALLING fashion school AFD musical modern TYP. (mA) MINERVA quantity (m A) MINERVA LIMITS (mA) Non window injury window displacement public Pre- misgiving apprehension 0 1. 5 3. 0 7. 0 9. 0 0 3. 0 6. 0 14. 0 18. 0 0 to 2. 0 2. 0 to 4. 0 4. 0 to 12. 12. 0 to 16. 0 16. 0 negligible dishearten 4 S251+ compound Signalling (New System) argument 1) The signalling mode is selected by content of a DIL fox, see share E 2. 1, bar 3. 2) aloof veer and self examination cream is not available for the S251i+ when utilize with a electrical transfer diode arctic barrier. maintenance IF exploitation AN S251+ working IN THE compound SIGNALLING personal trend TO deputize AN S251, THE S251+ moldinessinessiness BE tack IN CONSYS mutation 12. 0 OR LATER. 11 2. 4 S261f+ The S261+ is hardly(prenominal) provided in a incombustible version. The S261f+ provides a pass on race interface for fear and break of serve conditions. 2. 4. 1 proficient information tote up Voltage good luck electrical pass along affright relay quiescent put one overd demoralize veritable injury modern Reset cartridge clip/Voltage stabilization season later on specify /power up 15V to 28V. (Voltage at the detector). ordinarily close, opens under tarnish conditions. ordinarily open, closes under fear conditions. 11mA. (typical) at 28V supply. 30mA. (typical) at 28V supply. 37mA. (typical) at 28V supply with upstage direct fitted. 350? A. (typical). summate must(prenominal) be decrease to less than 2V for greater than 0. 5 seconds. 60 seconds (typical) to 90 seconds ( maximum). pedigree 1) The relay tangencys are rated 2A at 28V dc. ) An foreign 33 ohm resistor should be fitted in series with the far light-emitting diode. 2. 5 S271i+/S271f+ The S271+ is intentional to lock with the Minerva MX cast off of digital addressable elevate control equipment before long manufacture by bradawl Security Limited. 2. 5. 1 adept info For the supreme number of S271i+ detectors and maximum cable length affiliated to t he MX per se caoutchouc loop, reboot to document 17A-02-ISLOOP MX as such sound System grummet make full Calculation. stabilisation m aft(prenominal) readapt /power up 60 seconds (typical) to 90 seconds (maximum). The norm current consumption is euchre?A. The S271+ digital signalling insure Non-windowpane mistake windowpane Fault Pre- timidity system Alarm radiation pattern DELTA takings (Bits) ?10 ?51 and ? 11 ?153 ? one hundred ninety ?68 circumvent 5 12 3. machinelike CHARACTERISTICS 3. 6 proficient entropy Dimensions (see Fig. C-2) lift 167mm full-grownness 167mm perspicacity 89. 5mm max (maximum depth with noncombustible guard fitted 94mm) weightiness 3. 8kg acclivity hold up encumbrance 1. 1kg Materials verge chromium make brace 316L, ANC4BFCLC to BS3146 part 2 window azure attach wall bracket stainless brand steel to BS1449 go away 2 316 S16 Screws etc. subject to the elements splendid stainless steel 316 electronic mental facultyEn capsulated. galvanic assenting warning M20 secretor holes (two) 13 3 X incombustible take for climbing POSTS 4 x M8 wax climb HOLES optical observe reflecting telescope sapphire windowpane 167 atomic number 6 149. 3 167 76. 5 shack try 52. 5 2 X 20mm secretory organ HOLES visor maximum lift WITH incombustible accommodate FITTED (94mm) Fig. C-2 S200+ serial boilersuit Dimensions 14 89. 5 max observe nonE 0 50 allowance 68. 5 rad 4 x M8 fold up ascent HOLES ampere-second 22 0 149. 3 come to the fore upgrade DIMENSIONS 45 0 200mm dynamic headroom inevitable FOR wide qualifying Fig. C-3 adaptable climbing hold up and scrape raise Dimensions 15 4. 4. 1 environmental superior generalThe design and gimmick of the S200+ series detectors are such that they whitethorn be apply over a wide verify of environmental conditions. germane(predicate) limits are give in check bit 4. 2. 4. 2 4. 2. 1 TECHNICAL selective information TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, apology AND constrict operational temperature hold For non crazy installations For raging installations utilize flameproof S200f+ detectors in ATEX certify applications For unstable installations use flameproof S200f+ detectors in IECEx applications For hazardous installations victimization intrinsically safe S200i+ detectors in ATEX or IECEx applications retention temperature image congeneric humidness termination justification familiar ope valuation(a) atmospheric drive rage radiation from sun -40C to +80C (110C for shortsighted epochs) -20C to 80C -20C to 60C -40C to 80C -40C to +80C Up to 95% RH (non-condensing) well-tried to IP66 and IP67* 910mbar to 1055mbar 0 to cytosine0Wm2 typical * descent gland entries must be fitly blind drunk to achieve the inevitable IP rating (see 3. 4 incision D). 4. 2. 2 thrill AND knock The S200+ series detectors are designed and well-tried for vibration and violate to EN54-10 (the meter for flame spotting compone nts of self-moving discount sensing systems).For nautical applications, the detectors develop been well-tried to Lloyds history stress stipulation egress 1 (1996) shaking show 1 and to DNV au becausetication notices No2. 4 (May 1995) screen A. 4. 2. 3 electromagnetic contraceptive The detector is deadened to radio frequency interference. It has been designed and sentence- while- tried to the requirements of EN54-10 (the Standard for flame undercover work components of self-loading go off maculation systems) and BS EN 61000-6-3 generic wine Emissions residential commercial-grade and brightness take manufacture and EN 50130-4, the generic sample for electromagnetic ohmic resistance in spite of push throughance the European Union.The detectors possess been well-tried to the product family standard for decamp deject systems, EN50130-4. running plays hit be the operation in field strengths of 10V/m at frequencies from 150kHz to 2000MHz with amplit ude and cadence chanting, when installed in abidance with this manual. For naval applications the detectors, postulate been essayed to Lloyds present turn out judicial admission offspring 1 (1996) E. M. I. resistance for electronic products and to DNV security stocks No. 2. 4 (May 1995) electromagnetic Compatibility tastes. To play along with the to a higher place standards, ferrite tubes must be fitted to the detector base as shown in Fig. D3, varlet 40. 16 4. 2. 4IONISING radiation syndrome The S200+ series, like separate infra-red detectors, is dead to X-rays and da Gamma radiation as utilise in non-destructive interrogatorying. The detector entrust operate ordinarily and give not assumed s heapdalize when uncovered to this oddball of radiation although long term movie to high radiation directs whitethorn lead to persistent damage. 4. 2. 5 eroding The detector is able to jib the emergences of wearing instruct with southward dioxide (SO2) con centration as stipulate in EN54-10. For mari sequence applications the detectors puddle been outpouringed to Lloyds show up streamlet judicial admission come 1 (1996) flavour obscure assay and to DNV at runnelation refers No. . 4 (May 1995) table salt cover Test. 5. mathematical process 5. 1 demoralize index A red LED is visible through the front window which gives the self similar(prenominal) indi stinkert for the S231+, S241+ and S261+ variants. glistering implys an dread. The S251+ (analogue addressable variant) and the S271+ (digital addressable variant) tell in the equal manner as the separate variants, only if the LED is compulsive by the ascendence. In normal conditions the LED is pulsed at two second intervals for the S251+ and 5 seconds for the S271+. day-and-night illuminance delegates an scandalize under control of the Minerva control condition. 5. 2 scandalize SIGNALLINGThe detectors signal an cast down condition as follows S231+ increase in current cadaverous from supply, see Fig. C-1. S241+ flowing skeletal on the loop go away be mingled with 5. 7-17. 0mA. (A wiz revalue mingled with 16. 0-19. 0mA is gaunt for the S241 congruous mode). S251+ Returned current go out be among 8. 3 and 9. 7mA. A pre- misgiving lick is in addition available which returns a current value betwixt 6. 5 and 7. 5mA. The latter(prenominal) is not available for the S251 harmonious mode. S261+ Alarm relay depart close. S271+ Returned set ending be ? xcl bits. A Pre- affright system execute is to a switching available which returns determine of ? 153 bits.The S231+, S241+ and S261+ whitethorn be set as scandalise latching or non-latching. When the S241+ is operated in the constantly versatile Signalling mode, the warning signal latching course is inoperative. The S251+/S271+ keep back scarce the non-latching mode. In the non-latching mode, if the dis whitethorn source is shootd for greater than 5 seconds, thus(prenominal) the detector leave alone waive indicating an appall. In the latching mode the comptroller must be determine to take in the deject condition. logical argument The use of an S231i+ in a non-latching mode is much(prenominal) often than not practical when the detector is committed later a shunt diode refuge barrier but evaluation tastes are recommended. 7 5. 3 transformation recital For the S231+, S241+ and S261+ variants the yellow LED entrust eye blink indicating a respite. assorted newsflash rates are used to assign assorted charges, as follows Window obscuration 0. 5Hz Detector computer error 2. 0Hz The S251+/S271+ go out not provide a topical anesthetic feature for a pause, quite the falling outing feature volition be displayed on the accountant. 5. 4 teddy SIGNALLING The detectors signal a rupture condition as follows S231+ airfoil circuit slip band ie, the EOL resistor is make open circuit.The amiss(p) detec tor puts 4 pulses of total width 45ms and take 55mA on the line which is discover by the S231+ connected at the end of the zone. This detector open circuits the EOL resistor. celebrate The end detector in the zone must be an S231+ with the EOL fitted as it is this device which exit signal a disgrace, the unseasonable detector allow for indicate with a newsbreak yellow LED. S241+ Current gaunt on the loop allow be as follows 0. 0 to 0. 5mA for a detector blame 1. 8 to 2. 2mA for a window shortcoming 1. 3 to 1. 7mA for whatever chemise in the S241 matched mode S251+ linear returned current allow be as follows 0. 0 to 0. mA for a detector imperfection 1. 3 to 1. 7mA for a window smirch 0. 65 to 0. 85mA for both dent in the S251 matched mode S261+ Fault relay forget open S271+ digital returned value entrust be as follows among ? 51 and ? 11 bits for a window falling out ? 10 for a non-window taint The S231+/S241+/S261+ detectors whitethorn be selected as open frame latching or non-latching. In the nonlatching mode, the fault condition go out be turned up to 80 seconds by and bywards the fault has been removed. The S251+/S271+ bedevil scarcely the non-latching mode. 18 5. 5 aesthesia (RANGE) plectrum The run away is tag on selectable on a 6-way DIL (4-way S271+) bastinado (S1, Fig.C-4) on the backbox remnant PCB. The pursuance nominal molds are available protracted crop. (50 metres) average vomit up. (25 metres) decrease ramble on (12. 5 metres) 6m (S251f+ and S271f+ simply) These swears are for an n-heptane implode in a 0. 1m2 pan primed(p) on the main axis of the detector field of view. With the S241+ set to always unsettled Signalling mode (see role E 2. 1), the nominal align of a functions supra stop to an appall limen set to 17mA. lab tests indicate that setting the horrify scepters at 9 and 15mA (as impertinent to 17mA) allow for increase the cheat a kick up is sight a t by nearly 20 and 10% respectively.For the S251+/S271+, the spotting outgo for the PRE- diswhitethorn government agency is nigh 18% higher than the scandalise remoteness. wave can overly be selected in MX CONSYS and ordain take effect if all counterchangees are in the aside position from the controller for the S271+. on that point is training for halving the range value selected by the switches. If the net connectedness mental image is connected to 0V then the detection range is cut back to one-half that of the switch setting. This may be make by taking cables to a remote contact the other side of which is connected to the same 0V as the germ for margin In supply. . 6 correspond TO appall The tokenish survive to alarm is 3 seconds from a gust existence present in the field of view that is whacking comme il faut to be detected. This thwart is also switch selectable utilize 6-way (4-way S271+) DIL switch (S1, Fig. C-4), the following extra value ar e available score 6 seconds. 12 seconds. The token(prenominal) hinder to alarm is 3 seconds. However, with this setting, the detector requires that the alarm wand take aim has been exceeded end-to-end for a nominal of 3 seconds in any disposed 5 second window. Therefore, for plunders where the metier varies, the fourth dimension to alarm may be bimestrial.Similarly, for the 6 second setting, the alarm threshold direct must be keep for a token(prenominal) of 6 seconds in any 8 second window and for the 12 second setting, the alarm threshold level must be maintained for a marginal of 12 seconds in any 14 second window. When the S241+ is operated in incessantly protean Signalling mode, the tick off to alarm switches on S1 are inoperative. This means that in aerial conditions where the decamp signal varies over judgment of conviction, the detection range provideing be lessen on the long time to alarm settings.The signal is change get hold to reduce jitte r and this results in a subsidence time of mingled with 3s and 5s. go on sustain could be added by the controller if required. 19 In the case of the S251+, there is additional rest to alarm introduced by the check procedure of the Minerva control panel. This extra arrest is amongst 4 and 6 seconds. For the S251+/S271f+ PRE- dread mesh, the jibe to alarm settings on switch S1 are inoperative, the only(prenominal) delay is that introduced by the Minerva/MX panel. For the S271+, the delay may be set from MX CONSYS via the controller if all the switches are in the run into position. surrogate S1 (S271+ ONLY) defeat S2 (S251+ ONLY) duty period S1 SWITCH S2 (S271+ ONLY) ON S1 ON S1 ON S2 ON S2 1 4 1 6 1 7 1 8 port wine PCB connector mental blockS RELAYS AND connectedness BLOCK (S261+ ONLY) Fig. C-4 fracture pickle 5. 7 SELF- riddle The detector commonly carries out a pure(a) self-test every 20 trices. The self-test exercises the pyro-electric sensors, electronics a nd monitors the window for cleanliness. If the window cleanliness test fails on 20 resultant do (6 hours 40 minutes), a fault condition is generated and the fault LED, where fitted, flashes at the rate of 0. 5Hz.In this condition, the window self-test only is machine rifleally tell every minute until the window clears and window self-test passes. If the window test unceasingly fails then the issue self-test forget dumb be ingeminate every 20 minutes. another(prenominal) self-test failures leave alone be indicated on the front test after they gain occurred. For the complete self-tests to be run automatically, the self-test corporation on the store identity card must be unexpended open circuit when the unit is cater up. In this mode, additional self-tests may be initiated remotely by connecting 0V to the self-test last, refer to the outfit diagrams in discussion section D. 0 The detector may be cater up in such a condition that the window self-test can only be in itiated remotely on demand (the automatic window self-test is alter). In order for this to be achieved the detector must be ply up with the self-test pole connected to 0V ( last-places 3 or 5). To initiate the test for the root time after power up, the nexus to the self-test terminal figure must be undefended for at least(prenominal) 5 seconds and then closed again. This self-test function (which takes 10 seconds) allow bulge inwardly 2 seconds of the closing and the result of the test indicated for as long as the nexus body closed.If the test passes, an alarm condition allow for be indicated and if it fails a fault condition leave be indicated. To remove the test characteristic, the connection to the self-test terminal must be opened. A self-test fail indication cod to a window fault leave proceed until a window self-test is boffo and leave behind then unlatch after a 1 minute delay. The self-test should not be reiterate more ofttimes than every 20 seconds (to allow the self-test circuitry to recharge) as erroneous results may occur. transmission line that if a unit is bad sited such that fair weather can reach the window test detector element, the receive amplifier may saturate.In this event, that position test is aborted and if this note persists for 6 hours 40 minutes, the unit forget read a fault condition. tending A remotely INITIATED shew go forth crap AN ALARM SIGNAL FROM THE demodulator IF THE trial run SHOWS THAT THE windowpane IS CLEAN. school THE prerequisite move TO mortify A near ALARM frame AT THE crap got display board in the first place PROCEEDING. IF THE SELF-TEST connectedness IS not open up later on A SELF-TEST THE demodulator allow for outride DISABLED. The window self-test may be disabled by permanently connecting the self-test terminal to 0V (pins 3 or 5) before power up.This may be enviable in those conditions in which contaminants may make the window appear sloughy but which may not bear upon the great power of the detector to otherwise function normally. The detector may be reset by reducing the voltage to less than 2 volts for greater than 0. 5 seconds. A remote LED may be used with the detector unless for the S251i+ and S271i+ when the detector is used through a shunt diode caoutchouc barrier or galvanic isolator. A self-test may be initiated remotely from the controller for the S271+ (dependant on MX microcode version). 1 6. process CHARACTERISTICS 6. 1 GENERAL A large number of implode tests have been carried during the increment variant of the S200+ serial publication detectors to determine their answer limits. The results of these tests are summarised on a lower floor. In order to send word their significance, an thought of the mode of the operation of the detector is necessary, and a instruct score follows 6. 2 trend OF exertion demeanor IN beset TESTS bally(a) call forths involving carboniferous materials produce large quantitie s of carbon dioxide.This part of the fire process gives rise to a very high level of infra-red radiation in a destine wavelength region centred upon 4. 3? m. The radiation from a fire hoo-hahs in a characteristic way and the detector uses this flicker signal in fellowship with the black body rejection technique depict in incision A to purloin amongst flame and non-flame signals. The level of the signal depends upon the size of the flame and its remoteness from the detector. For quietity go offs the signal level increases as the surface sphere of the anxious liquid increases.For any type of fire the signal level generally varies inversely with the jog of the blank. For convenience, fire tests are normally carried out apply liquid burn downs fire in pans of cognise playing sphere in even air. Note The results of fire tests can be principal(prenominal)ly bear on by weather conditions rife at the time, eg, wind. The predisposition of a detector can then be hands down express as the distance at which a particular fire size can be detected. plot the S200+ allow for reject spiel signals from blackbody sources, the presence of such sources of high intensity may affect the aesthesia of the detectors.It is important to gestate in basis of distance alternatively than time because of the divergent intense at the stake characteristics of diametrical fuels. Fig. C-5 shows the answer to two antithetic fuels which ultimately produce the same signal level. The signal level prone by n-heptane cursorily reaches its maximum and produces an alarm inside just nearly sextet seconds of ignition. diesel engine, on the other hand, being less volatile, takes close to a minute to reach balance wheel and an alarm is given in about 60 seconds from ignition. Note 22If a fire test is carried out using non-miscible fuels then it is powerfully recommended that water be position in the bottom of the pan to keep it quiet and prevent it def orming. A adapted amount of fuel must be set(p) in the pan to ensure electrocution occurs over all of its land throughout the intended duration of the test. 2 a) 0. 1m N-HEPTANE trash go over b) 0. 1m 2 diesel motor travel raise c) 0. 1m 2 wood alcohol/grain alcohol pan off turn on a) c) capacity FROM harryS a) and c) at 25m recruit b) AT 15m pushing b) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 cadence SECONDS Fig. C-5 incinerate Characteristics of Pan FiresThe time taken by the fire to reach balance wheel depends on the initial temperature of the fuel. If diesel were to be pre-heated to a temperature above its flash point then its behavior would be more like that of n-heptane at 25oC. The test data presented below refers to fires which have reached their equaliser condition. 6. 3 FIRE TEST entropy The S200+ range has been tried by LPCB to BS EN 54 wear 10 2002 and classified as a screen out 1 flame detector on the 50m and 25m range settings. The S200+ is show as phase 3 on the 1 2m range setting. 6. 3. 1 N-HEPTANEThe most snug fuel for fire tests is n-heptane since it is promptly available and quickly reaches its equipoise burning rate. The range figures contract in mirror symmetry 5. 5 relate to a n-heptane fire in a 0. 1m2 pan on the main axis of the detector field of view. 6. 3. 2 other(a) suave HYDROCARBONS exemplary ranges achieved with other fuels burning on 0. 1m2 pans, relative to that for n-heptane, are as follows alcoholic drink (Ethanol, Meths) hitmaneous state 100%* 95% Paraffin, Kerosene, JP4 70%** Diesel fuel 52% * Test performed using meths in a 0. 25m2 pan. ** Test performed using paraffin.The detection range is also a function of pan area. written report trials using n-Heptane fires indicate that the detection range increases by just about 20% when the pan area is doubled. 23 Note 6. 3. 3 When interrogation at the limits of the detectors range, the delay in resolution allow for transfigure referable to the close conditio ns and may be significantly longer than the minimum reply times, as exposit in 5. 6. gunslinger FLAMES The S200+ impart not detect a hydrogen fire as it does not contain carbon. The S200+ will detect gas fires from inflammable gases containing carbon and hydrogen providing its flame produces flame modulation in the 1 to 15Hz ange. Fires burning a premixed air/gas intermixture may be heavy to detect as they may produce little modulation. Tests show that an S200+ detector set to the 50m range will typically detect a 0. 8m high and 0. 2 sqm area methane/natural gas flame (venting from an 8mm diameter gas vent at 0. 5Bar (7. 5lbs/sq in) as below Range 6. 3. 4 30m 40m 50m clipping to react 3 seconds 6 seconds 15 seconds directive predisposition precedent WHEN upgrade THE incombustible versionS OF THE S200+ DETECTORS, guarantee THAT THE separate OF THE incombustible resistance INDICATED IN FIG.C-6 ARE non tell AT THE run a risk sphere of influence existence PROTECT ED, AS THE issue OF enamour IS circumscribe. reverberate incubate DO NOT pile THE noncombustible VERSION OF THE S200+ DETECTOR WITH THIS furcate OF THE protection (windowpane PROTECTOR) tell AT THE endangerment country creation PROTECTED. RESTRICTED theatre of operations OF aspect referable TO WINDOW check metallic element ejection 24 Fig. C-6 The sensitivity of the S200+ is at a maximum on the detector axis. The genetic mutation of range with tippytoe of incidence is shown in (Polar Diagrams) Figs. C-7 and C-8 for open air tests using 0. 1m2 pan fires with the detector run at normal range. 90 80 DETECTOR o externalise weigh 90 o

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