Friday, July 26, 2019

Assignment#7 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assignment#7 - Case Study Example On the other hand, nations also owe a similar responsibility to their citizens and, in addition, they also have the onus to ensure their well being. In immigration cases, the judges consider a lot of aspects and prescribe â€Å"excessively high standard of proof† of persecution from the asylum seekers before deciding their cases (p.236). In this context, it becomes relevant that such immigrants often may not be in a position to fulfill the demands of the host nations. From the instances of the application of inconsistent regulations as well as the lack of â€Å"objective human rights assessments† while deciding immigration cases, it transpires that there is an element of bias prevailing among some of the judges (p.236). Due to their lack of adequate insight into the socio-political situations in the refugees’ homelands, these judges downplay their â€Å"likelihood of prosecution† (p.236). This may, perhaps, be the reason for the large volume of cases pending in various immigration courts. On the other hand, evidence also suggests to the pendency of a large number of social security adjudications in the country. On a surface level, since the government of a nation has an obligation to ensure the welfare of its citizens, it may appear that social security of own people deserves precedence over the rights of the people from other countries. However, this issue needs to be understood and explored on a deeper level. Asylum seekers are usually people who have no alternative other than seek refuge in an alien country because of turmoil and possible persecution in their nation of origin. In this regard, it needs to be appreciated that in normal circumstances, unless there is threat to a person’s value and belief systems, he or she may not want to abandon the homeland. Thus, it becomes evident that asylum seekers are leaving their countries due to the obvious threat to or violation of their human rights. On the other hand, the question of social security

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