Sunday, June 16, 2019

Policy Development Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Policy Development - Research Paper ExampleThis should require sufficient level and amount of control. This eventually paves the way for another substantial insurance policy under the existing PREA. In this paper, the proponent considers twain policy options intense work knowledge with experts and enhancement policy and standardization of operating procedure policy. under(a) the policy ensuring intense work knowledge enhancement with experts, the correctional staffs are expected to become more experts in doing their respective role in the custodial setting with LGBT youth. Instead of becoming a potential source of verbal and physical harassments, they would become primarily source of eventual change in the young system primarily in dealing with LGBT youth, their safety and sexual orientations. However, this would basically incur remarkable amount of cost on the side of the government or state. This would also less(prenominal)en maximum actual work activity at the custodial setti ng as the correctional staffs must undertake field characterization together with experts. Thus, additional manpower must be provided to compensate their absence in the actual custodial setting activity. ... ed to consider the level of up to what extent some changes can be reasonably made, knowing the fact there are various circumstances and situations that need careful considerations from various states. Among these two policies, the best rationale used in order to choose which is appropriate is the consideration of less political domination upon its actual implementation. It seems policy next to the stipulation quo seems to less complicate the future political associations within the juvenile justice system, for it primarily deals with actual performance and output. Ensuring actual performance and output may less complicate political control or domination within the justice system as the actual service involved could be directly be imposed to providing the best safety and equali ty LGBT youths deserve within the juvenile justice system. 1. Introduction According to the The National Transgender Discrimination Survey around 15 percent of Trans people experienced sexual assaults while in prison.1 This is quite alarming because to be sexually assaulted is not supposed to be part of the condemn and according to the authority it should not be part of the sentence. The emancipated Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) has been viewed to help the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) especially those youth in custodial settings to be protected from sexual assaults while incarcenerated. After all, even though they might have different sexual orientation compared to normal heterosexual person individuals, they are still humans who have the basic right generally covered by the state. Part of this is their right to protect themselves from being sexually apply and to only deserve the sentence associated with whatever crimes they would be found guilty. The PREA s eems to be at the

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