Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Executive summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Executive summary - Essay ExampleThere is also a problem in where champion is not in a position to draw up a clear investment plan with limited finances. All these problems emanate from the failure to have a tool where one can account for daily expenditures and income. The end solution, therefore, is to invent a tool that facilitates evaluation of the financial inputs and outputs incurred on a daily basis.To gather the information, academic journals were analyzed. data collection did entail utilization of a cross-sectional survey, using the questionnaires. Information was also the journals tend to explain some of the challenges and drawbacks that a person may feel while budgeting. They also give a clear guideline on the steps to draw an effective budget. Theoretical studies did indicate that the business is subject to undergoing versatile steps in its operational life. All the steps have different financial demands and unless budgeting is done effectively, it is prone to failure. Personal expenses also stand a possibility in the success of a business. Therefore, budgeting of the expenses is equally important.Lewis, Kristen, and Sarah Burd-Sharps.The Measure of America 2010-2011 Mapping Risks andResilience. brand-new York A joint publication of the Social Science Research Council and NewYork University Press, 2010. Internet

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