Sunday, May 12, 2019

Technology Plan and Effective Online Communication Skills Research Paper

Technology cast and Effective Online Communication Skills - Research Paper ExampleFirst, E-mail etiquette makes it contingent for an individual to display professionalism in his/her communication (Miller, 20). This is meaty beca engagement different types of audience call for different forms of communication. While an individual can use informal language to communicate to their friends and relatives, they are required to communicate in a formal mood to companies and other formal institutions. Therefore, E-mail etiquette helps to enhance professionalism. Secondly, E-mail etiquette goes a tenacious way in enhancing the might of communication. Since E-mail etiquette advocates for proper wording of email meats, it makes it easier for the receivers to interpret and understand the messages than poorly formulated and worded messages (Miller, 33). Finally, E-mail etiquette is essential to help an individual avoid liability. considering that email communication is considered a form of communication just worry any other in the eyes of the law, E-mail etiquette helps an individual avoid legal liability, through avoiding making mistakes that warrant legal redress (Miller, 21). Internet technology has made it possible for people to communicate easily, as opposed to the traditional channels of communication which were inefficient and took long. However, it is necessary to apply E-mail etiquette while apply email to communicate. The guidelines for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of email communication include being concise. Composing a long and much detailed email is not favored by many, unless it is mandatory. Therefore, it is important to compose a mastermind and straight to the point email, which enables the recipient understand the intention of the communication within a short age (Miller, 18). Being concise also helps to make the message fully understandable and improves the chances of getting a animate response. When an email is composed long and wit h unnecessary details, it may put off the recipient, making the recipient disconcert reading it until he/she gets more time for that. This would delay getting a response (Miller, 38). another(prenominal) gather of keeping the message concise is that it eliminates chances of making unnecessary mistakes by the sender. Therefore, constructing a concise email message is convenient both for the sender and the recipient. Another key to E-mail etiquette is proper arrangement of information communicated in the message. The sender should ensure that he/she organizes the information communicated, such that it starts with the most important to the least important (Miller, 46). This makes it possible for the recipients attention to be drawn to the most important information first, which prompts him/her to react to the email. Another essential element of E-mail etiquette is numbering questions and putting points in bullet form. This is necessary to ensure that the recipient of the message pays attention to all the vital components of the message (Miller, 25). By numbering all the questions and putting the main points in bullets, the email is broken calibrate to standard protocols, which makes it possible for the recipient to understand the whole message. Additionally, breakings down the message into such protocols make it possible for the recipient to address all the parts of the message in the response. While a message is not organized in points and the questions not numbered, the recipient may unless

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