Friday, May 10, 2019

Community Coffee Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

lodge coffee berry - Research Paper ExampleCoffee business in any sense should be solely based on quality because if the leaders argon not extremely riled up about sourcing the finest coffee beans from different regions by effectively cooperating with the mass who grow them, the business never transforms into a ceaseless passion but always remains a business established princip solelyy for individualised gains. Therefore, the management at Community Coffee considers it significantly valuable to arrest prodigious investments in the peck whose job is to grow the most fervently sought coffee beans. We seriously consider these people are most respected partners and always intend to treat them with value and dignity in order to nurture a solid partnership which is reputable for fueling a business. Community Coffee targets people from all backgrounds irrespective of class, racial, ethnic, and economic differences. Diversity is embraced by the ply here which not besides considers the customers as people who come to get a cup of coffee but as dignified humans with whom it is in-chief(postnominal) to develop a sound connection which would go farther from just coffee. Together the management and staff at Community Coffee attempt to achieve a competitive edge over some other similar businesses by religiously following the core values and business ethics which are of the essence(p) to sustain success and customer satisfaction. When it is honestly tried by the business leaders to merge together business and ethics in different areas like leadership, decision-making processes, employee management, production, and customer satisfaction, the consequences prove to be quite procreative for the organizations. Leading by example and behaving in accordance with the professional code of conduct to win the changeless trust of the customers is a critically important area which the management at Community Coffee intends to make its hallmark. It is considered fundamenta lly important by Community Coffee to make wise investments at the right judgment of conviction because in the present fiercely competitive and dynamic business world, such a smart dodging is the need of the time. In order to help this coffee business garner mainstream popularity and effectively address the highly dynamic customers needs, it is always tried by the staff to remain fully open and engaged with the customers from respective(a) backgrounds. It is important for a simple encounter starting from a simple beverage to culminate in a lasting smile on the face of the customer. We want our business to become a house name in a matter of few years and for this purpose, commitment to diversity is regarded crucially valuable. The talents of multicultural workforce can be most accurately used for gaining competitive advantages by valuing diversity. For this purpose, Community Coffee rigorously attempts to establish an inclusive culture as a way of promoting diversity due to which a riveting repertoire of multicultural perspectives could be formed and that is especially helpful for myriad decision-making processes. Also, if the leaders are not careful enough about ethically sourcing the finest beans at most suitable prices, not only are they abandoning their most important obligation but also they are being unfaithful to their

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