Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Certificate in Education Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Certificate in Education - Personal Statement modelI ensured that as we progressed with the lesson, I asked a number of movements and picked the students at random to answer them. Even the weaker students seemed to lead grasped eachthing from mm lesson. The students would also continue asking me question regarding the application of depreciation in business world. and so nurture took place because toward the end of the lesson, the students could answer me most of the question from depreciation concept. At the end of the lesson, I summarised the lesson by discussing the main points and ensure the students study more on depreciation I gave them a waiver to all students to read during their free time. I was really impressed as a teacher since I had achieved my goals of transferring knowledge to students. If repeating the same exercise, I would ensure I first know what the students know nearly the topic so that I can know the approach to use and the effort to apply so that the stu dents can understand the concept.I attended an some other colleagues teaching session in a give class where the topic for discussion was opening of wine. As a learner in this catering class, I found the lesson very interesting and all the other students had an interest in the topic. I really enjoyed my every moment with the catering students since in their class there were more practical sessions unlike in other subjects.The lesson started af... (Arnot, McIntyre, Pedder and Reay, 2004)The teacher asked question as he proceeded with the lesson and we as students, we found the lesson to very interesting and we were all richly attentive passim the lesson. We occasionally asked the teacher questions regarding the topic and this was a clear revelation that we understood the concepts as the lesson was interesting. The teacher praised us each time we answered the question and encouraged those who did not give a complete answer so that they do not feel shy not to answer a question next time. there were more practical sessions throughout the lesson than talking. We were asked to demonstrate on the best way we argon supposed to serve wine as discussed in class. At least all students were given a chance to demonstrate what they had learnt and this gave a chance to other students to learn from their colleagues. The lesson had been prompt well since the teacher had prepared PowerPoint presentation which made the lesson more interesting. The teacher exhibit good PowerPoint presentation skills and the class was enjoyable. After we had demonstrated on how to serve and open wine, the teacher concluded the lesson by summarising the main points. (Barnett, 2003)Question ThreeTo respect the teaching session taught to by on my peers, I can see the teaching was a success. There was full participation by all students as they kept on asking and answering questions throughout the lesson. I had fully prepared for the lesson and I had allocated time for introduction, discussion a nd finally for summarising the lesson.Throughout the session, the students had an interest of learning about depreciation as they were eager to know how it is applicable in business. The most

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