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British Imperialism in Africa Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

British Imperialism in Africa - Research Paper Example notwithstanding control oer few regions of Africa, British imperialism had long lasting effects that contribute to bring sort in various sectors of the Afri ignore regions including social, economical, cultural, and political. In this paper, we shall discuss the role of British imperialism in Africa from 1870 to 1900 and its socio-cultural impact on African colonies. British Imperialism in Africa Historical records witness British Imperialism in Africa from 1870 to 1900 which resulted in division of Africa into septenary major regions of Europe. It is found that many western powers intended to establish their eclipse in African regions similarly, amidst 1870 and 1990, Great Britain showed efforts to consolidate its foothold on the African coast in consecrate to expand their rule over the continent of Africa1. The British rule mainly focused on regions which open gate for economic trade and marketing and contributed to furthe r strengthen their economy. It is noteworthy that during 1869 to 1870 the British rule was focusing on profitable trade and market, but it stepped forward towards Africa which is not a financially strong region. Additionally, Africa had various conflicting issues at bottom its state boundaries, but still the British Empire attempted to invade its major parts2. ... wed the British to take control over their West coast for palm oil because the native politicians were aware of the occurrence that they cannot avail their own natural resource without the British support4. Another reason behind expansion of England and touch on of Britain in the African lands was its biggest money generator, India. In 1875, British intended to make their route towards India in order to do so it bought shares in Suez Canal of Egypt and after the battles of Tel el Kabir and the Nile, British gained entire control over Egypt, a major power of Africa5. Further in 1877, again British had fear of losing Indi a thus they make a way by invading South Africa because Cape Town was an important route towards India6. In South Africa there were two threatening groups for the British Empire Bores and Zulus. In 1879, British power was frustrated by Bores and after two decades they went for War with Zulus in 1899 because they badly wanted to save their route to India7. It has overly been noticed that gaining profit through trade was the major aim of the British Imperialism in Africa and addition of colonies can only bring more profit to them. Furthermore, British considered that African colonies would help them gain allies and incite them in winning economic war they had with Germany8. Moreover, in 1898 a war started between France and Britain over lowly colonies near Niger River and consequently Britain captured Khartoum. Until 1900, the British Imperialism got over many colonies of Africa and by the end of Imperialism Africa was divided into seven European regions. The division and strong i nfluence of the British Imperialism in Africa had affected social and cultural aspects of the European communities9. kind and Cultural Impact on Africa British Imperialism left destructive

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