Monday, April 15, 2019

Sunshine State Essay Example for Free

Sunshine State EssaySunshine state is a movie which talks round racial differences, nature and cooperation. Sunshine state was set in plantation Island which is in Florida. The island is a recount of a notorious racial segregation. The African-American lives in the vicinity of Lincoln beach while the whites atomic number 18 situated in Delrona Beach. The movie focuses on the two aspects real estate development which sacrifices the nature and racial segregation. A large scale corporate development is altering the lives of two communities one black and the some other white. The coastline of Plantation Island is planned to develop and turned into an upscale resort however the local inhabitants have contrary opinions regarding the development. Mary Temple, is the six generation who owns a motel at Delrona beach. She is tempted to sell her property however her parental respectfulness is preventing her to sell it. Her former husband, Steve wants the motel to be sold immediately because of the value it possesses. The environment was portrayed as a money generating machine, but the local see it as a symbol of their cultural heritage.They already got use to place they were living and they do not want progress because they know that progress can variegate their lifestyle They are not prepared for a change that would destroy the only thing that reminds them of their past. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the golfer said that the environment is overrated. I do not agree to this statement. The environment is not presumption too much hype it is how it should be. I believe that the environment should stay the way as it is, calm and preserved.The environment does not deserve to be improved nor be destroyed just for the satisfaction of men. The coastline of Plantation Island should be preserved because it represents the people who are living there. John Sayles did a great job in this movie though it may look a little dull John Sayles has successfully yield the me ssage of the film. I like how Sayles used different characters to get the audiences attention. The commentaries of the golf players were hilarious. It was something that got me attach to the movie.The subplot was a lustreless I dont see how it was related to the main plot. Overall, the movie is a good eye opener for people who believed that progress is a solution to the rising problem economic problem. Progress is not a solution, it is just a innovation that only solves the immediate problem but does not ineluctably solve the root of the problem.Work CitedSeamon, David. Place, Placelessnes, Insideness and Outsideness in John Sayles Sunshine State. Journal of Media Geography.

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