Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Statement - Essay mannikinThis truly is where my heart resides. The Health Care Administration specialization was interesting, but I could see that it was not taking me where I wanted to go professionally. I looked into the specialization for Human Services and feel that this is a break up fit for me professionally and personally. The Health Care Administration program required many hours of sort preparation and group work. This was not possible for me because I work full time and have separate important family responsibilities. I know that I will need to generate sacrifices to further my education, but I felt that what I would need to sacrifice in order to obtain a Masters in Health Care Administration was too much. I especially felt this way once I realized I was moving away from my real interest, which is social work.I do not herald any academic concerns that were experienced in the Health Care Administration specialization. I have been assure that there is less group work in the Human Services specialization and that it is more than contributing(prenominal) to working a full time job and having family obligations. I will also be a more motivated, thoughtful student because the coursework is more applicable to my current employment and interests.The main reason I am so excited about the Human Services Masters decimal point is I conceptualise it will make me better at my current position. I already possess the values, knowledge and skills needful to be a good social worker. I feel that increased education will make me even more effective. The most immediate outcome of earning the degree is I will be better at my job.Other reasons I want to get this degree are it will open the mishap of career advancement. I am pleased with the job I currently have. But I concede that in the future, I would like to take on more responsibility and manage other employees and more difficult cases. So in some ways, I feel that I want to earn this degree because it wi ll help my current situation

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