Thursday, April 25, 2019

Social Work Practice with Children in Schools and Therapeutic Settings Essay

Social Work Practice with Children in Schools and Therapeutic Settings - Essay ExampleThe essay outlines the effective use of various play therapies. It is also earthshaking that Ramon Rivera develops mastery over his own traumatic experiences and the healer can employ effective play therapies with him. The therapist can benefit from the good penetrations gained from Adlerian play therapy and as Morrison observes the posttraumatic play therapy can offer the child a unique opportunity for Rivera to expect fully and gain mastery over his experience and to gain insight and understanding to establish social interest and a sense of belonging . There is no motion that the childhood trauma has adversely affected the childs mad, physical, cognitive and social faculties and has contributed to his social and emotional difficulties in such a way that he fails to cope up with his studies, peers and the social world or so him. One has to bear in mind the fact that Rivera will not be able t o express himself or share his feelings completely to the therapist through normal conversations or dialogues just as an self-aggrandizing is able to do. Therefore, it is imperative that the therapist elicits responses regarding the boys experiences, inner feelings, emotions and frustrations through play therapy. The therapist involve to derive significant play themes through the four phases of counseling that include building an egalitarian kin with the client, exploring the clients lifestyle, helping the client gain insight into his or her lifestyle and reorientation whereby the therapist offers opposite positive alternatives to the client to solve the problem behavior.

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