Friday, April 26, 2019

Sexual Abuse of Children Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sexual Abuse of Children - inquiry Paper ExampleIn the US only, the prevalence rate is at 10.1% and the figure has remained relatively eternal since the early 1990s. On the older population, over 20% of females and 10% of males in America have suffered infant abuse at their unexampled age (Marchand Wolfe 133). These statistics indicate that the problem of child sexual abuse is an disregard that requires more focus and a multi-dimensional approach to resolve. The reason why I chose this topic is to develop a recrudesce understanding of the reasons behind the prevalence of the problem of child sexual abuse. Statistics provide figures that suggest that the spate who are close to the children form the largest portion of the perpetrators. Statistics reveal that 90% of the perpetrators of child sexual abuse are those close to the children, 30% comprising of family members and 60% comprising of other acquaintances such as friends. In choosing this topic, I seek to let out the myth behind the statistical figures that show that close member of the community perpetrates this crime (Marie 1-11). In my research, I also intend to find out why most parents end up abusing their loved unrivaled instead of assuming the role of care providers. In doing so, I intend to provide a grounded course of study from where the war against child sex abuse can be launched. This way, it is possible to provide a dissolver to a problem that has persisted long enough in the society and efforts to resolve the problem have let unsuccessful. Before my research, I expected that majority of the perpetrators of child sexual abuses are strangers who are unknown to the victims. With this note, I felt that one way to solve the problem would be to increase family protection and to enhance better parental care. Surprisingly, statistics show that the people close to the children are likely to inflict this crime on the young ones.

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