Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Performance Appraisal Processes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance Appraisal Processes - Essay ExampleTherefore, for top smell employees the performance should take into consideration the results gained and focus on providing encouraging words or quotes to boost the employees morale and motivate him or her to continue hunt downing harder. The appraisals done should encourage the employees to focus more on their quantity or quality where necessary. The performance evaluations will target better performance among the empowered workers to jibe that they continue with the energy as they work.The theory that is most consistent with empowerment is the job characteristics theory. It stresses on the feature that there are certain traits about the job a person has that will make him or her motivated to perform excellently. One important thing is that the employee has control over what he or she does and aims to do the best. The motivation, in this case, comes in when the workers are not given control or are given work that does not meet the v arious characteristics based on feedback, autonomy, task significance, and task identity and skill variety. As such it concurs with empowerment where a workers freedom increases and his or her potential exploited to the maximum. In the case of empowerment, the person is given more control and independence to tackle various tasks and thus uses his skills to the highest. He or she does not look to meet an individual quota but to perform beyond what the company wants.Landmark Dining is soon considering surveys and the various factors to consider would be competitiveness of the employees, teamwork that involves a relationship with co-workers, the job was done by the employee, chat between employees and senior management benefits, compensation relationship with Superior job security and chances of using the relevant jobs skills at work. The results from the voice system indicate the satisfaction of the customers on the services provided by the establishment.

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