Saturday, April 6, 2019

Broken family Essay Example for Free

Broken family EssayINTRODUCTION now we should all have an idea on how important the information bear upon system is. Its being theatrical role in just ab come forward each field and al more or less every facilities, that not having computer or not knowing how to riding habit it will put a individual in a great disadvantage specially for those nation seeking for a job, computer related or not you will definitely need to come across at least the basic on how to operate a computer because all most every field use a computer nowadays . And as for the students the computer would be one of the most convenient source of information to support them out with their research and homework .Also the computer with the help of the internet is able to share or deliver relevant information to people such as the latest news or articles. it lot also be use to share your opinion with nigh every one, for some people they are using computer as a way to decease with their love once away fr om home via e-mail ,Instant messaging and social media , and also the computer is a good source of entertainment .That is why we decided to determine how accessible a computer is in our community , by conducting a survey to determine who owns and doesnt own a personal computer and how many people uses a computer shop to gain access to a computer.ObjectivesTo determine the tote up of households who owns a screen background electronic computer To determine the number of households who owns a laptop computer Computer To determine the carry they useTo determine the reasons they use a computer /laptopTo determine the number of households who owns a Computer System/laptop and still goes to the Internet CafStatement of the ProblemHow many household of Justinville, Panapaan VII, Bacoor, Cavite owns a Desktop Computer ? How many households of Justinville, Panapaan VII, Bacoor, Cavite owns a laptop computer What are the reason they use a Computer/LaptopHow many Households who owns a Com puter/Laptop still goes to the internetcaf ? What are the brands of Computer/Laptop they useSignifi natesce of the StudyThe outcome of the research study will be very beneficial for line of merchandise entrepreneur who have plans to establish a Internet Caf/Cyber cafe on the area, the research will be able to determine the feasibility of the business they will be able to use the date as a good reference before establishing there business on the area. The residents of Justinville, Panapaan VII, Bacoor, Cavite will also wellbeing from the research being able to determine the number of computer and access of the community we can pose the problem to the local government for a solution that could increase the numbers of way the residence can access a computer .Scope and LimitationThe study is to determine who among the household of Justinville, Panapaan VII, Bacoor, Cavite owns a Laptop or Desktop Computer, we are also to determine the reason why they use the computer and if they wit ness the local internet caf to use a computer . Definition of TermsComputer is a ecumenic purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. Conventionally, a computer consists of at least one processing element, typically a central processing unit (CPU) and some form of memory. The processing element carries out arithmetic and logic operations, and a sequencing and control unit that can change the order of operations base on stored information. Peripheral devices allow information to be retrieved from an external source, and the result of operations saved and retrieved. Laptop computer is a personal computer for mobile use.A laptop has most of the same components as a desktop computer, including a display, a keyboard, a pointing device such as a touchpad (also cognize as a trackpad) and/or a pointing stick, and speakers into a single unit. A laptop is powered by mains electricity via an AC adapter, and can be used away from an outlet using a rechargeable battery. Printing is a process for reproducing text and images, typically with ink on paper using a printing Internet caf or cybercafe is a place which provides internet access tothe public, normally for a fee. These businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the cafe in the name. The fee for using a computer is usually supercharged as a time-based rate. Scanneris a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. customary examples found in offices are variations of the desktop scanner where the document is placed on a shabu window for scanning

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