Friday, April 19, 2019

A Report on Customer Satisfaction and Motivation at Brown Smith Essay

A Report on customer Satisfaction and Motivation at cook Smith gild - Essay ExamplePreliminary studies occupyed had indicated that the reduction was attributed to client discontent and de-motivation caused by long procurement numbers and poor handling of customers by come with employees. Having been mandated to conduct this study, a proper procedure had to be selected, a selection of 40 percent of all well-ordered clientele was interviewed between October 15th and November 10th 2011 on issues such as The overall customer pleasure on the services offered by Brown Smith Company, Common problems encountered that are linked to procurement procedure in the confederation, Suggestions for improvements of procurement policies and Problems associated with conduct of employees in the company. The report seeks to draw attention on the factors causing the sharp drop in companys profit margins. It further seeks to suggest remedies to curb problems causing the company the current financ ial condition. Body The report draws hypothesis from the fact that in the last two old age, Brown Smith Company had been a dominant share holder in the merchandise. The profits generated over years had always doubled annually until last year when the huge profits and volume of sales started declining drastically. A case study conducted earlier showed that Brown Smith Company was worth $17 million. ... Investigations onto this move indicated that the clients were mostly discontented with the services offered by the company. Moreover, customers were mostly dissatisfied with the long procurement process they go with before purchases are made. The long procurement process was much discouraging as it was characterized by opposite problems such as damage to goods. In addition, there are a number of mushrooming companies that are producing homogeneous goods as Brown Smith Company and as a result competition in the market has gone high. This has split the profits and prevented market domination causing low volume of sales and little profits. It was also quite notable that since its inception, the company has not established away of motivating its clients. Furthermore, procurement procedures submit not been reviewed for the last ten years. It was also noted that the company still uses the traditional system of buying and selling goods which is proofing to be much expensive, cumbersome and time consuming. Finally, clients encountered some problems especially when dealing with some company employees creating an almost impossible environment for reasonable business activity. Conclusion Owing to above facts and or claims, there is a need to put in place the following measures Motivate customers by improving the timberland of goods produced and offer after sale services. Review the current policies on procurement with a view of simplifying the self-coloured process to meet the needs and expectations of the clients. There is a need for the staff of Brown Smith Com pany to have courtesy with the customers. This is possible through training and giving clients a chance to give views on how they think they should best be handled. There a need for the company to offer

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