Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Great Gatsby As A Tragedy Essay example -- English Literature

The long Gatsby As A TragedyA hurried have of F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby can generatea tragic impression. The deaths of three of the primary(prenominal) characters andthe failure of Gatsby and Daisys romance can be viewed as tragic.However, a deeper abridgment of the book reveals a much deeper catastrophe.The relentless struggles of Gatsby himself par in allel Fitzgeraldsapparent ideas of the struggles of all Americans. The American hallucinationromanticized by the majority of the population is really unachievablebecause it is, in fact, nonexistent.Every character has an unfortunate role and could be called a tragiccharacter. However, the main tragedy is that of the title character.Gatsby experiences nothing but tragedy in his life. He beginsmiserable and ends miserable. He begins his life in a poor familywhere he feels he truly does not belong. His parents were unsuccessfuland his likingnever really accepted them as his parents atall(104). perpetually envisioning a better life for himself and a bigger role for his life, he has an amazing ability to make his dreamscome true. As a child he dreams of being wealthy and living in luxury,and he attains this. When he is older he dreams of having Daisy, andfor a time he achieves this dream as well. He reaches out for thegreen light at Daisys sour grass symbolizing the embracing of his dream.Once the distance between him and this dream is removed, he hasexactly what he thinks he wants. However, it is this belief in thedream that leads to his eventual(prenominal) downfall. Nick reflects on Gatsbysaspirations saying, Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgasticfuture that year by year recedes before us (189). Gatsby has anunusual quality of persistent hope... family, education, and the way of life he fell into his money. His name is not actually Gatsby either.Like the Great Houdini, Gatsby can make unreal things seem real. Hisentire life is an thaumaturgy to everyone but Nick. It is heartb reakingthat in order to be happy Gatsby feels that he must put up these falsefronts and skew reality in the eyes of others to make him intosomething that he is not.Gatsbys struggles are very similar to those of the American societyin this particular era. In one case, the contender is arriver for anunworthy dream and in the other it is the contender that is unworthyof the dream. Fitzgerald combines the two struggles to produce anoverall tragic comment on society in the 1920s. The lack of heart inthe old aristocracy, the death of the American dream and the falsehoodof the dreams unite to form the tragedy in the novel.

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