Friday, March 22, 2019

Passivity: A Way of Life. :: Essays Papers

Passivity A Way of Life.The life of the main character Rukmani was filled with hardships. Happy times were a rarity, and ordinary life was full of work from sunrise to sunset. Yet despite both the work, her family was in utter destitution. Nevertheless Rukmani was al meanss optimistic, and accepted her life the way it was. Kenny, on the other hand, never understood why they accept their poverty and always tried to get them to rise up. It is Indian ideology and the article of belief in karma with reincarnation that led Rukmani and many other Indian muckle to a passive life.This passivity is seen throughout the book. However especially in the few instances after major disasters and crises this way of life stands out. At first, Rukmani couldnt consecrate children after her first daughter. Kenny cured her, and then she bore louver sons. Afterwards, she met Kenny and proudly said You are my benefactorhave I not five sons to prove it?(p. 36) Kenny answered, Am I to blame for your excesses? This was a half- black remark. However, only half sarcastic. Ok, you need sons to work in the field, two sons merchantman manage if Nathan managed alone. You can barely provide for a few people, just now the family consists of eight. Yet everything is just fine. Another instance is when the terrible storm make believe the village and destroyed the rice paddy. When the storm finished, Rukmani just said that it go out grow back and so did Nathan. At the time of the terrible drouth the crop was destroyed, and even after cutting a deal of salaried half the rent, selling clothes, and a few other things they didnt have enough money to pay the half, Nathan wanted to sell the seed and a lot of other stuff. Rukmani pleaded with him Let us only try, Let us keep our hope for the next harvest.(p. 80) Again there is the optimism. Finally, she even confirms this passivity herself. When Kenny showed her the plans for the hospital, and the started to talk about the costs, R ukmani couldnt understand why people gave so much money to help. Kenny said, Because they have means, do no the sick split up in the streets because there is no hospital for them? Are not your children born(p) in gutters? Etc. You must cry out if you want help.

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