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Myer Holdings Limited (Myer)

Prospective analysis call The precedent reports hold fast under ones skin already approached the industry and financial analysis of Myer. This report bequeath analyze the forecast, valuation and application of Myer, including prognostic the major data, valuating divvy up monetary apprize under intravenous feeding model and discussing the opportunity and challenge of Myer. 1. Forecast sales harvesting arrange As one of the about important indicators, sales screw chew over directly Myers financial consummation and influence opposite indicators. Therefore, the forecast of sales growth say is the foundation for prognostic Myer.Based on the previous annual reports from 2007 to 2011, Myers sales ar non optimistic and the sightly growth rate is negative 2. 89%. The decline of both spheric sparing and purchase power of consumers in Australia will lead to the slump of whole industry and unsatisfied performance of Myer in 2012. Additionally, growth of 20% online freq uentping shows that to a greater extent and more than consumers prefer to purchase online instead of in the shops . Therefore, negative 1% of sales growth rate for Myer whoremaster be assumed in 2012. However, Australia would wealthy person a weakening global economy impact and have strong national growth in the futurity .According to IMF, Australian economy growth rate is expected up to 3. 5% in 2013 . Considering the previous performance of Myer, 2% of growth rate can be assumed for 2013. After that, 3% of growth rate can be assumed from 2014 to 2017 and the sales would approximately even to 2007. (See below chart) preceding(prenominal) age 00020072008200920102011Average rate Sales3,002,3532,940,3312,798,9162,825,0342,666,803? sales growth? -2. 07%-4. 81%0. 93%-5. 60%-2. 89% Future familys ?2011201220132014201520162017 Sales growth? -1%2%3%3%3%3% 2. Forecast ATO & portend NOAAccording to the past 5 years data, Myers Assets Turnover ratio (ATO) declined slowly following th e simplification of sales, apart from 2011 down quickly. Therefore, the average rate 2. 05 can be apply to predict the future years. (See below chart) ? 20072008200920102011Average rate ATO2. 02 2. 282. 152. 001. 772. 05 3. Forecast PM & calculate NOPAT Profit Margin (PM) is a nonher important indicator in forecasting Myers performance. This indicator relates surrounded by the sales and court of goods sold and in operation(p) costs. The competition in retail industry is stronger than before.That way through increase sales or decrease COS to increase PM is more difficult. The change of PM fluctuated markedly in the last five years. In order to fairly predict the data, the average of 7. 5% can be engrossd as the future PM growth rate. (See below chart) ? 20072008200920102011Average rate profit margin4. 7%13. 4%4. 9%7. 8%6. 6%7. 5% 4. Forecast pass dividend payout Dividend payout is a significant indicator to influence handle bell. Therefore, estimating this rate means the th e great unwashed can determine Myer whether focuses on benefiting dispenseholders and beautifies sh atomic number 18 damage or non.According to the past 5 years, only 3 years Myer paid dividends. After calculation, the average rate based on 3 years is 45% and 5 years is 27%. However, 27% is too low for sh areholders if Myer earn more profit base on the forecast. In addition, most of dividends payout is higher than 50%. Therefore, the forecasting dividend payout rate is estimated by 45%. (See below chart) ? 20072008200920102011Average rate(3yrs)Average rate(5yrs) Dividend0%50%0%28%59%45%27% 5. Forecast cost of debt and debt balance Basically, cost of debt means the expense of liabilities.Determining the cost of debt is as well as setting up the financial twist such as how much debt Myer plan to strike. According to the previous data, Myer repaid a huge amount of debt in 2010 and led to the cost up and net debt down. However, the debt did not rise up again and kept the similar take aim as 2010. Therefore, concerning about the cost of debt, the average of 10. 75% seems more logical to predict the future. (See below chart) ? 20072008200920102011Average rate % cost of debt6. 25%6. 41%6. 36%30. 31%4. 41%10. 75% net debt (ND)928,503 856,242 904,258 414,574 457,362 ?Prospective Valuation iv methods are used to valuate Myer, DDM, DAE, DAOE and DCF. In addition, two ways are used to determine cost of crown, which are CAPM and WACC. In CAPM model, luck-free rate, risk premium rate and ? are assumed separately 4. 5%, 6. 5% and 1. 1. It is not easy to determine ? because it changes every day. Assuming 1. 1 for? means the fluctuation of Myer share price is a little stronger than the foodstuff except not too much . Therefore, cost of capital (Re) is calculated by the formula and equals to 11. 65%. This Re is used in DDM and DAE. In WACC model, because Re is 11. 5%, Rf is calculated by formula and equals to 11. 43%. This Rf is used in DAOE and DCF. The share pric e is calculated by these 4 different models. (See below chart) ModelForecast Share price in 2012 DDM1. 7423 DAE2. 4548 DAOE2. 5603 DCF2. 5603 DDM is influenced strongly by dividends because this model uses dividends to calculate nurture of shares. If the company does not pay dividends, the share price would be demoralize. Myer is estimated to pay dividends in 45% and the share price closes to market share price. (See below chart) DateLast % Change High Low Vol * 24 Oct 20121. 950-1. 27% 1. 621. 9306,259,477 This model is easy to understand Myers business full terms. However, this is affect by dividends too much and dividends are not always linking the value creation , the valuation model seems very limited. Obviously, this cannot reflect the Myers truly value and conditions. Additionally, compared to DDM, DAE involves in other indicator freakish earnings to value Myer share price and is better to present Myers conditions. Myer share price in DAE is higher than DDM because it reflects book value of equity and PV of future deviant earnings to add share value.Therefore, this is more close to the real performance of Myer. Also, DAOE model is similar with DAE apart from that DAOE focuses on the equity which is determined by operating abnormal earnings. This eliminates the influence of Myers financial activities to calculate abnormal earnings. However, Myers financial value has been added to the equity finally. Therefore, this can reflect Myers condition in operating. Finally, DCF model focuses on cash flow which results in the equity increases. Usually, it can get the same share price with DAOE, however does not affected by accounting rules.However, investments are treated as losses for cash flow, which can bring more future benefits to Myer. Therefore, if Myer plans to use investments to produce free cash flow, then this model is very close Myers real conditions. Prospective Sensitivity On one side, Myer is incision store and compete in retail industry. Seasonality is more significant expectation in retail industry. The boom seasons for Myer are the end of financial year and Christmas holidays. Also, the weather, new products in season or other factors are the aspects which Myer is sensitive.On the other side, according to Appendix 4, the four models of sensitivity can be analyzed. For the indicators of sales, ATO, dividend payout, DDM is the most sensitive, objet dart DCF and DAOE are not sensitive. However, DDM is not sensitive in debt, while DCF and DAOE are most sensitive. Application Opportunities According to the forecast analysis and valuation, Myer has about possible opportunities to change herself and get rid of the difficult conditions although the depression of condition expands the whole retail industry. Myer is predicted to pay more dividends to their shareholders in forecast analysis.This will addict more investor to buy shares and this can push the share price to rise up. Also, the book value of equity for Myer can be change magnitude and this leads to no one can buy Myers share lower than book value. Therefore, a higher merger value or scholarship value can be created. Eventually, Myer will get more capital to investment. Therefore, Myer has an opportunity to invest this implemental capital. Concerning about the future economy, Australia will have strong domestic economy increase . As a result, Australian consumption and requirement will be up.Therefore, keeping and maintaining domestic consumers are still the main tasks for Myer. With the online shopping eroded the traditional shopping stores, Myer should improve their online shopping services, such as beautifying and making it convenient for customers. Myers chief executive officer announced they would launch a new omni-channel service to stimulate consumers shop online . Obviously, Myer has already recognized online shopping is the main method to regain market share. Additionally, expanding the overseas market seems a good lamb for Myer to increase profit.Recently, Australia regime has signed two Free Trade Agreement negotiations with china and japan separately. This provides a firm foundation to encourage more foreign investments between Australia and both of countries . Therefore, Myer can be provided more supports to invest in mainland China and lacquer. There are three reasons for Myer to choose China rather than Japan to set up the first overseas branch. Firstly, 1. 34 billion of China population is more stable for consumption foundation than 127million of Japan . Secondly, the receipts of exchange can provide more benefits for Myer to invest in overseas.Thirdly, more products of Myer are produced by China therefore, setting up branch in china can save the delivery cost and tax. Challenges Although Myers forecasting is more profitable, it still has a potential challenge for borrowings. First of all, the office of loan for Myer may be to expand its shops or update its online shopping. These have more chances to be long-term debts instead of short-term debts. However, when they are in the lack of cash flows, Myer may pay dividends through borrowings. Although this can be short-term debts, it is not for earning profit.Therefore, both of these are risky for debtors. Secondly, the figure shows that Myer would not plan to increase its financial expenses. That may be Myer prefer to get more funds from shareholders and her own operates rather than debts. This looks lower risky than peoples anticipation while it also means Myer would slow the refund of debt and the previous debt risky will be raised up. Thirdly, the steady growth rate of dividend payout shows Myer would pay more dividends to benefit their shareholders when they earn more gold instead of pay the debt or reinvest.In other words, Myer prefer has more long-term debt than short-term debt and maybe the benefits will be impaired. Therefore, the debts risk of Myer tends to be increased by Myers trend. Fourthly, the debt leve rage looks healthy. However, the decrease of debt leverage is because not only the debt decreases, but also the net operating assets increase. Above all, Myer in all probability has problem when debt from debtors. Therefore, a detailed loan structure should be plan to make debtor have more confidence and willing to borrow money to Myer.This loan structure motif to concern about the section of debt and equity for Myer. Also, the percentage of long-term debt and short-term debt should be considered. In addition, the purposes of debt need to be clear, easy to understand and report to debtors and shareholders. Conclusion To sum up, these analyses are really useful to approach Myers conditions and performance, and also can curb some particular information through valuation. However, there are not perfect analyses people still need to look for more utile analyses to value the firm.

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