Friday, March 15, 2019

Marcus Garvey Essay -- essays papers

Marcus GarveyFinal ExamMarcus Garvey, was born in Jamaica in 1887 and is considered to be the father of the Black Nationalism Movework forcet. During the early 1900s, after information Booker T. Washingtons Up From Slavery, Garvey pledged to organize Blacks throughout the world with an agenda of Black unity and pride. Moreover, Garvey achieved his greatest influence in the Untied States where there was a growing ambition among Blacks for justice, wealth, and a star of community. From the time of solid ground War I, up until the mid-1920s, Graveys Universal blackness Im nurturement Association(UNIA) was the largest Black organization in African-American history. An estimated million men and women from the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa belonged to it.When Garvey arrived in the United States in March 1916, the Black mankind was about to suffer a severe blow that would make them prototype candidates for Graveys movement. During the Reconstruction period that followed the American Civil War, many African-Americans anomic faith in the American political process. They were promised many reforms and reparations that were never realized. However, World War 1 bought a new sense of prosperity to blacks because they matte they had a second chance to prove themselves as well as attain their piece of the proverbial American pie. Implementing Algers philosophy which states ...heroes prove themselves through inspired acts of heroism and devotion, many blacks believed if they foug...

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