Thursday, March 14, 2019

How do the later war poets differ in their treatment of war Essay

How do the later(prenominal) state of warf ar poets differ in their treatment of warfrom early war poets?World War I was noticeable for the vast amounts of poetry that wasproduced from umteen of the soldiers. The poets wrote vastly over theyears 1914-1918 and they all expressed many distinguishable opinions. It wasa way of getting their overtakes across to other people. Some of the poems correct made aware of the fact and the true horror of the war. During thefirst half of World War I, the poems that were produced had a realpatriotic and glorious view to them. As the war progressed, the poemsbecame more bitter as the true uttermost of what was really going on, wasunveiled. Some of the poets we will be looking at include Wilfred Owenand Laurence Binyon.For early war poetry, we have studied four poems. These are TheSoldier, R abateezvous, For the Fallen, and Fall-In. The poets whowrote these poems are Laurence Binyon, Rupert Brooke, Alan Seeger andHarold Begbie. These poems in general, had a very glorious, patrioticfeel to them. Because the war had just started, people did not knowwhat the war was going to be like. Nor did they no how many peoplewould be killed. These poems were used as propaganda by the governmentso that many young men would enrole for the army.For the Fallen is an dirge. Being an elegy during the war, you mighthave been mistaken for thinking that it is not a very glorious poem.But this poem celebrates the death of the soldiers and is celebratingthe work that they have do for their country. This poem gives apersonification of England and describes the soldiers when they wereyoung. This poem constantly uses alliteration throughout. They trimwith their faces to the foe is a good example. Th... ...Hero is a poem about a fret receiving the bad news that her son isdead. This poem has an AABBBCCDEDEFF rhyme scheme. In the indorseverse, the rhyme scheme has changed. This is because Sasson wanted achange of meaning in the poem.Suicide in t he Trenches has a regular and constant rhyme scheme.Every ii lines are a rhyming couplet. This keeps the flow of the poemconstant. It is criticizing the British habitual who cheer for thesoldiers, just as they are about to go to war, nevertheless the publicthemselves, do not know what the soldiers are about to face. It is avery bitter poem.They is another very bitter poem write by Sasson. This time,Sasson is criticizing the church for making the war sound like acrusade. The poem uses a rhyme scheme of ABABCCDEDEFF. It has twoversus and both end in a rhyming couplet. This is used for impact andemphasis.

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