Thursday, March 21, 2019

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From analgesics to chemotherapy, over the years medicinal Chemistry has helped treat a range of diseases and pathogens. My reasons for wanting to pursue a career in this field stem from my fascination with how drugs function and recondition imbalances in the human carcass. How a tiny tablet, so small and peanut looking, can at times achieve such life-enhancing results.However that straightforward tablet requires a substantial amount of engineering for it to restore the bodys natural rhythm. After reading the article Inside the intellectual of a Medicinal Chemist I discovered how computers and algorithms are employ to make the decision process behind compound prioritization easier, which in deal reduces the amount of time spent on manufacturing the product. It is fascinating to learn that consensus is not always achievable between medicinal chemists and this highlighted for me the scope of opportunities available for seek within the field. My love for Chemistry fuels my analyti cal approach which is why I am constantly querying the how? and the why? behind the engineering of medicine. I...

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