Saturday, March 16, 2019

Color Purple :: essays research papers

The record book called The Color Purple shows many of the topics discussed in class, but for the intention of this paper I would like to discuss three aspects that are the close concerning and disturbing. The concept of the body, reproduction, and violence shown through the novel are the most expectant and key concerns seen in this literature selection that I would like to discerp in this expository essay. Beginning with the concept of the body, The Color Purple portrays a very graphic portrayal from the first pages. She ugly (Walker, 9). This gives the feel that the work force have high standards of the women that are seen in this story of Black southern Women. This also can be seen when Celie (the main character) holds on to a impression of Shug Avery (the woman she lets her husband have an affair with) because she is so beautiful. These are judgmentls seen in our culture as a whole. Women holding onto fits of women in magazines and posters lead to the idea that the airbru shed picture is attainable and that is what the women of the world convey to look like. The forerunner of this is envisage when this is what the men look at in their magazines. The view that men have of women is one of this sexual being waiting to be had. Celie holding onto this picture is the same as a woman today buying a magazine that appeals to her inferior parts. Im not as fair or as smart(10) is played on throughout the book as well as in our culture. Women of the world today need to be attractive to be someone, or so it seems. The same way of life Celie is a barefoot and pregnant housewife living her fantasy of a singer that is attractive. The epitome of the quotes that shows the sexuality associated with a womens body is practiced down there in your *censored* is a little button that gits real hot when you do you know what with somebody (81). This allows the feeling of commonality in someones mind today, because talk of this sort is discounted. done this following qu ote it continues with other vulgarities that society does not accept I kiss her backThen us touch each other (118). Mainly, because female sexuality as a whole is discounted and seen as a negative portrayal of our home lives.

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