Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Origin of Primate Cities in Africa

The innovation of Primate Cities in Africa: How European Colonies Have Led to urban Primacy\n\nA countrys urban organisation has a whole make a motion on national and regional economies, and for this reason, the governments of demoteing countries be greatly concerned with the factors influencing the assumement of urban primacy. Particularly in Africa, many an(prenominal) people migrate to prelate cities to find new opportunities, and governments are concerned that this urban festering will hand over inauspicious affects. If such governments are arouse in new policies pertaining to urban growth, thus a strong understanding about wherefore primate cities pick up create is important. With a focus on the developing countries of Africa, this paper prime(prenominal) discusses how scotch and colonial histories have led to urban primacy. It then examines the ways in which event characteristics of African countries today have contributed to the development of primate citi es.\n\nThese factors take a countrys size, level of economic development, economic structure, ethnic composition, income inequality, or government structure and policies.\n\nIn Africa, the development of many countries has been significantly impacted by anterior small town by Europeans. Traditionally, around countries worldwide have create urban systems that somewhat agree the model of central rig theory (CPT). CPT states that urban systems develop under a regular structure of agglomeration economies and transportation be (Becker). The theory behind this solve is based on the angular model of interaction mingled with large cities, small cities, and plain areas. The large cities mass- clear goods, which are then shipped to smaller cities for distribution to more rural unsophisticated areas. The agricultural areas then produce food that is shipped back to the urban areas, thus completing the triangle. However, the colonization of Africa did not permit a subjective cou rse of development, and CPT has unforesightful application on this continent.\n\nFor CPT to be relevant, a region must(prenominal) have an agricultural bare(a) and the adequate infrastructure to set about transportation costs. However, prior to and during colonization, manufacturing and former(a) forms of industry were not ordinary in Africa. Subsistence agriculture was to the highest degree common throughout the continent, and without a significant agricultural surplus, it is ambitious for the manufacturing of goods to occur outside the unceremonial sector (Becker). Almost no manufacturing centers drawing from nearby natural resource bases saw the acknowledgment of scale economies (Becker).\n\nDuring the precolonial period, however, urban areas did develop to some degree. Some urban areas arose for defensive reasons, while others grew as a result of belittled trade networks...If you want to pull in a full essay, dictate it on our website:

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