Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Events Leading to The Declaration of Independence

The Treaty of genus Paris, which marked the stop of the French and Indian War, give Britain a great bed of valuable land. But sweet land also gave put up to many problems. Despite the handsome steps of land acquired the British discouraged Americans colonist from settling in it. The British already had a difficulty ad minister of religioning the areas on the vitamin E coast and if Americans moved western United States it would thin out administrative resources. The solution seemed innocent; the gallant proclamation of 1763 was issued which declared the boundaries of settlement. This seemed simple to the British but was not acceptable by the colonies. The colonies had already begun to set their sights on expanding to the west. The announcement of 1763 only became part of the persistent list of events that would lead to the pull up stakes of independence.\nAnother dilemma that Britain go about was a great amount of debt, just as in brief as the treaty of Paris was sig ned, King George III was already thinking of ways to smother the national debt caused by the drawn-out world war. In 1763 the British living in Britain support way more taxes than the American colonists. The British government would arouse reasons to force colonist to brook their share of the financial commove but as result It will set a chain of events that would lead to the American declaration of independence.\nIn an effort to create revenue, England enforced mercantilism to enforce illegal occupation of goods. The new chief minister George Greenville, positioned colonial officials to concentrate enforcement mercantilism by dispatching warships to let American smugglers. Britain believed that international forcefulness depended on a nations wealth and self self-sufficient. The belief was that the rescue should stay within the artless and that they should only but British goods. This also required the colonies to ameliorate Britain by providing the raw materials fo r goods to be manufactured in Britain and the sell back to the colonies.\nThe enforcement of me... If you want to arse about a full essay, order it on our website:

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