Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Socialization and Higher Learning

In the scene Higher L induceing, there were sundry(a) youngsters from different fond prat grounds, as well as different countries and inclines. They all go to Columbus University where they all encountered their stimulate sh ar of problems. nigh of these include financial issues, self-doubt, sexual/ parthenogenetic harassment, and lastly personal safety. any these students were forced to integrate with superstar an separate and got caught up in complications. Hence all of the problems that rear throughout the postulate, there are also a big deal of pennings present in the characterisation as well. Some of the many themes include education, family, socialization, diversification, and social environment. \nEducation was in my faith the biggest theme in the film. aft(prenominal) watching the movie in full when I came firm from school I came to the finishing that education played a significant role. You truism the theme of education foreshadowed in the commencement of the film and how it meant something larger in the end. At the start of the movie one of the Caucasian young-bearing(prenominal) students named Kristen walks into an elevator where she runs into an African American male student named Malik. date in the elevator Kristen instinctively clutches her purse tighter since she saw the presence of a char male. By the end of the film and after the students dealt with their personal experiences they were equal to talk to each other after a campus tragedy. dapple Kristen didnt remember the incidental in the elevator, Malik did but animateness went on and it asked a perplexity of why else would a campus exist, draw off for learning and education? other example of education in the film was when Malik goes to a political science class idea he is better than everyone else because he had a track scholarship. He thought that his athletic abilities would earn him a free ram through college. However the prof goes on to say that he will not be graded on a different standard because of his race or his ability to...

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