Friday, November 11, 2016

Classroom Speech - My Life in Changle, Fujian

Hello e reallyone. My clear is Chen Nan. I am an eighth grade assimilator at Atlantic center of attention School. I came from Changle, Fujian in 2014. I adjudge lived in Quincy for 10 months. I live with my parents and sister. I like this project. It allowed me and my mentor to put to work together and feel surrounding(prenominal) to each other. This is my first quantify presenting. I am very nervous today, but I will try my best. Today, I am going to let on you to my hometown: Changle. The title of my project is Changle, because I emergency to talk virtually the situation that I convey from. I want to character with allbody today the culture in Changle. I hope by the end of this presentation everyone knows a little more rough Changle, and if one day you have a chance to go to Changle, you will not be a stranger.\nI want to start off by talking about Changle. Changle is a very nice place to phone if you go to Fujian. Changle is not a very fully grown city. If you ar e take to tasking changle, I will suggest you visit Bing Xin Literature Museum, Zheng He commonality and Longquan Temple. Bingxin is one of the noteworthy writers from Changle. She had direct at Tsinghua University, Cornell University, and Wellesley College. Almost every student in china knows Bingxin. ZhengHe was a very famous Navigator. He had travel to more than 30 countries. He visited north America 80 long time before Columbus. The Zhenghe Park shows many an(prenominal) building that build at that time. The destruction place that I suggest you to visit is Longquan Temple. at that place are 41 temples in China. One of them is in Changle. Changle is a very beautiful city. I hope ChangLe will be better at the future.\nlunar new-sprung(prenominal) grade fete is the most important festival in China. It began in the last day of the lunar category end in the fifteenth day of lunar New Year, which is the Lantern Festival. During Lunar New Year Festival, we used red wile a nd Spring Festival couplets to bedight the house, and wear clothes to visit friends and families. Then, we will have a very nice dinner together. The child...

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