Friday, October 28, 2016

Fictional Capatain\'s Log

sidereal day 1\nMy name is Merula Ignis, and I am the wise com earthly concernder of the 93rd invertebrate foot large number of the union army. The fight has taken a gong on the hands; to the highest degree appear angry at the Union for forcing us to be involved in this nonsensical killing. Theyre obviously bo tearing from sitting around for desire periods of meter while we wait for new orders to be original from my superiors. on that point is wiz soldier that I am particularly apprehensive about though, Parker Lucinda. He is a brave hardworking soldier but no unmatched knows much about him, he normally just sits in solitude near the combust and stares distraughtly at it as if it bequeath give him a glimpse of his future, he doesnt speak to anyone and when person tries to speak to him, it is as if the sounds skirmish past him like rain on a white lily leaf. Parker is a chubby man, instead ugly really with a mole the size of Milwaukee on his forehead and abnor mally long limbs that stretch all the modality down to his lower hips, I wonder if that man depart ever find love.\n\nDay 2\nWe have received our first battle date today, in two long time we will preform a night raid on a confederate camping ground about 20 miles from our campsite, most of the men are kinda happy to finally be doing something and some of them appear more motivated than ever to foster serve the union. I for one am a niggling nervous to lead my battalion into battle for the first time, I am unsure if my men have the fire in their hearts to complete their relegation well. Especially Parker, I dont see I can up to now trust that man. He hasnt tell a word for 2 days, he keeps just gazing into that red flame as if he were watching his own child, ensuring its safety. That man is an peculiar one, but none the less he is one of my men and I neediness to establish a well relationship with each and either one of them no librate what. Tomorrow will be the day t hat I amend into Parker Lucindas hard outer shell. Who knows, perchance he will amaze my best friend.\n\nDay 3\nWhen I woke this morning, the sky was glow...

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