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Unnati Patel English 102 genus Dracula vs. drop Though the novels ar uncaring by a century wide gap, the traditional survey of the lamia remains nearly the same. Though both stories are kit and caboodle of fiction, Twilight seems to exaggerate the traditional mythology of vampires and creates a more than powerful, red-brick day version. Special characteristics of each consort to the novels, however, differ greatly. In Twilight, Meyer changed the concept of what a vampire is to engage them seem more human like, and alto specifyher in all, transgress than they really are. She did this by giving the Cullen family be vegetarian vampires which in the novel, was an inwardly joke in the midst of the Cullens and Bella. Meyer gave her vampires supernatural powers, such as superior strength, which they used for the good, for pillowcase to protect Bella from the bad vampires. They were set forth as these exceptionally bonnie human bes, whose skin sparkled in the sunlight an what not, whereas in Dracula, it was all different. Vampires, such as the Count, pass water pale skin, sharp salty teeth, red gleaming eyes, and they hot off the blood of serviceman; they suck the blood kayoed of innocent victim, like Jonathan Harker and Lucy Wersterna, and matchly kill them. In addition, in Dracula, vampires were given several limitations which were forever brought up throughout the replete(p) novel. They really added something to the plot as a whole. In Dracula you to be afraid of vampires barely in Twilight you would exigency to become one. Dracula is envisioned as a demonic figure, whereas Twilight vampires are visualized as heroes. In Twilight the doctor who pretends to be Edwards father, is the one who turns everyone in his family into vampires, when be a doctor he is supposed to save lives and according to him, just to save all of their lives he turned them into vampires, but at the same succession he was putting other(a) innocent lives in danger, with/without being aware o! f it.If you want to get a full essay, revisal it on our website:

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