Monday, February 3, 2014

Religious Studies 370

Chapter 3 - Crete: The Goddess of Life, Death & Regeneration 1. bring up the emblemogy of the Minoan glide Goddesses (figures 6 & 7). What is the centre and significance of the Goddess retentivity two snakes? The Minoan Snake Goddesses represent the balance of duality. She holds the world in balance. The snakes roughly her meet signify her alpha role of giving and fetching of manner experienced as a unity. We come from her and occur to her. In figure 7, the significance of the goddess holding a snake spunky in each hand presents an meet of a religious riteized motility of divine statement. In her dress, there is a notion of cosmic web suggesting that she is the weaver of the web of life. The meaning and significance of the Goddess holding two snakes is that life and cobblers last is beyond opposition. Life and death is one thing. The Goddess represents the goal of transcending or reconcile opposites. She maintains the balance mingled with the two snakes (life and death), preventing them from being opposite to one another. 2. Describe the symbology and rite subroutines of the echo- hack (labrys). The double-axe represents unity in duality and its model is depicted as life and death. The Goddess holding two double axes is a symbol of her rulership over life and death. She decides who live and die. The excogitate of the double axe looks like a butterfly. One commission of the butterfly is the image of the soul, so the two has a finical connection curiously since the word for butterfly and soul in Greek were the comparablepsyche. The sacred axe is use as a religious rite instrument in sacrificing the bull, which is the fleshly who incarnated the regenerative power of the goddess. Another ritual use of the axe is that it is use to cut manoeuvres. This is very important since the tree is worshipped as the image of the goddess herself so it is sole(prenominal) natural to have a picky ceremony and a sacred axe when a tree is cu t down. 3. How were the attributes and be! haviors of the bee associated with the Goddess...If you essential to get a full essay, straddle it on our website:

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