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In Umoufia, a group of villages in Nigeria, a musical comedy composition named Unoka lived and died as a bumble of space valet de chambreikin of globe because he never took any titles and was thought of as trifling and feminine. On the contrary, the son of Unoka has acquire a achiever as an important leader since his securing of several titles and he has become tumesce known throughout the clan. This son of Unoka is named Okonkwo. Okonkwo does eachthing possible to proceed and to fend off becoming like his sire. Okonkwo grew up reflexion his father waste his life away doing nothing. Okonkwo now considers his father was like a wo patch, weak and powerless. Therefore, his views toward women argon absentminded and dis enjoyful when compargond to this cave in time. Okonkwo believes that women are feeble, should do what they are told like slaves, and expects them to complete their duties. He has called new(prenominal) men women. One example is at a clan meeting at whi ch they were discussing the next ancestral feast. A mankind who had no titles contradicted Okonkwo who then says to him, This meeting is for men (Achebe 26). Okonkwo is very jolting towards men that are less successful than he is. Okonkwo believes that a man should always be able to rule his women and children; otherwise, he is not a real man. Okonkwo thinks that showing any signs of caring or backing down from any challenge will make him appear weak to the clan. Due to Okonkwo taking all precaution towards not becoming like his father, his lack of respect for women is serven throughout the clan and is easily compared to other members of the clan as well. His idea of masculinity compared to the clans idea is tout ensemble different. Okonkwos idea of masculinity is that aggression is how a man must always act and anger is the only wizard a man should feel and show. Sometimes he conquer the better of his wives and occasionally threatens to kill them, in order for com munity to see and know that he is tough. Thr! oughout Things Fall Apart, on that point are many events that exemplify Okonkwos...If you want to get a sound essay, order it on our website:

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