Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lady Gaga Essay

chick Gaga Report Explain how at least(prenominal) two different media products and platforms contributes to a coherent promotional supplicate that communicates Lady Gagas brand identity to the inn audience(s) Who is Lady Gaga? Ellen Interview: In the Ellen interrogate doll fantastic is portrayed to be much of Stephanie than lady gaga. This con nones that she has gained more confidence Strengths, weaknesses, limitations. Her Strengths is that we get to see the consanguinity between her and her fans and we greet more about Stephanie. Her Weaknesses is that she does not get to promote her stuff. Her limitations is that she is not look into of the interview unlike the music tv set The finish of Ellen interview: The conclusion of this interview is that lady gaga is a very open person and also a humourous person. In the Jonathon Ross interview she was very closed, it looked like she wasnt comfortable. Lady Gaga likes her fans and we butt see a strong relationship between her and her fans. She refers her fans as little monsters. Record Company death chair Legal Business Department Affairs Executive guilt President A & RPromotion blindist Marketing Publicity sensitive tuition Department Media Record Label Liaison Art Sales Department Without the influence of the indicate company, lady gaga couldnt promote her brand as effectively because it would by difficult to promote herself across the world. And she would not express her turn or her personality. Music video Paparazzi In the music video Paparazzi she loo ks serious and expressionless throughout or! so of the music video and rarely smiles. The only time when she smiles is when she is acquire photos taken by the Paparazzi, which...If you want to get a respectable essay, order it on our website:

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