Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Think, Therefore Im

I Think, Therefore IM By JENNIFER 8. LEE Published: folk 19, 2002 to each one September Jacqueline Harding prepares a classroom debut on the communal writing mis let ins she ascertains in her students work. Ms. Harding, an eighth-grade side of meat instructor at Viking tenderness School in Guernee, Ill., scribbles the words that seduce plagued generations of schoolchildren across her whiteboard: There. Their. Theyre. Your. Youre. To. Too. Two. Its. Its. This September, she has added a new list: u, r, ur, b4, wuz, cuz, 2. When she asked her students how many of them utilize shortcuts like these in their writing, Ms. Harding joint, she was not surprised when most of them embossed their hands. This, after all, is their online lingua franca: English adapted for the spitfire conversational genius of Internet flagrant messaging. Ms. Harding, who has seen such shortcuts creep into student text file over the uttermost two years, said she gave her s tudents a ideal: If I see this in your assignments, I will take points off. [pic] Kids should know the difference, said Ms. Harding, who decided to address this issue head-on this year. They should know where to take up the line between starchy writing and conversational writing. As more and more teenagers neighborlyize online, inwardness school and spirited school teachers like Ms. Harding are increasingly seeing a breezy form of Internet English jump from netmail into schoolwork. To their dismay, teachers say that papers are beingness written with cut words, improper capitalization and punctuation, and characters like &, $ and @. Teachers assume deducted points, drawn flushed circles and tsk-tsked at their classes. Yet the errant forms continue. It lucre being diverting after you repeat yourself a rival of times, Ms. Harding said. But teenagers, whose social life can rely as much these geezerhood on text communication as the spoken word, say that they us e instant-messaging shorthand without thinki! ng well-nigh it. They write to one...If you call for to get a full essay, coif it on our website:

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