Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aristotle's Version Of Happiness

Aristotle postulates that the highest frolic we can achieve is reflexion. Going further he states that it causes no harm for someone to be in such(prenominal) a state of contemplation. I object this view on the pace that in modern society, where many people ar fraught(p) with contemplation. The stockbroker, who sits in his office late at darkness so he can trade on the Asiatic markets preceding(a) midnight, so consumed in his endless thoughts regarding his investments is no dissimilar than the swashbuckler who hides in his wooden shack contemplating what to do or which politico he should send an explosive package to. Contemplation, the so called highest pleasure for Aristotle, can genuinely be a reprise edged sword, over-contemplating something for example can lead to missed oppertuinities, a unadulterated example is someone who is required to make sprightly decisions because all his life or those around him depend on it. If a general in the army was to con template to the detail confirming by Aristotle many wars would have been lost. In addition, this state of contemplation which is dubiously touted to be the highest pleasure can actually look at misery to some people. Have you ever been wracked with scruple? What total of contemplation can help someone in a situation that seems near impossible, the mother who sits at blank spot contemplating the fate of her kidnapped child, is only driven to madness and misery by her prolonged contemplation. However, in his defence I will sound out that contemplation does possess the seeds of perhaps being the highest pleasure, the meticulous operative who contemplates on the perfect form of his scultpture only to see the fruits of pass judgment come in to bloom upon completion of his masterpiece. [add more examples of pleasureable contemplation] In defence of Aristotle then, I would say that perhaps contemplation holds the latent drop to be the highest pleasure and also capable o f the utmost lows. It is a double edged swo! rd, one must be heedful how they swing it. Another...If you want to get a affluent essay, club it on our website:

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