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Student s nameInstructor s nameClass19 April 2008Despite growing racial disharmony , the get together States was a fairly self-satisfied place in the 1950s . because , on October 4 , 1957 , the world learned that the Soviet compressing had success fullyy launched a 184-pound satellite into the earth s orbit . Cal direct I , its radio transmitter emitted nothing more than electronic beeps , entirely it sent shock shudders through the American rural demesne . Suddenly , The USSR , our competitor in the postwar world , the bod of godless fabianism , had demonstrated to the world its technological transcendency . The launching of began a Space Race in which the united States came in dead second during the early laps . The Soviets put a opus spaceman Yuri Gagarin , into orbit four years later on and about a month b eforehand American astronaut Alan B . Shepard was launched on 15-minute suborbital flight on whitethorn 5 , 1961 (Axelrod , 291 , as the satellite was nameed , immediately became the symbol of Soviet technological action . It signaled that the Soviet Union had overinterpreted the United States in the field of grand rocket technology . Although the Eisenhower death chairial term had been solicitation intelligence entropy indicating that the Soviets had been making rapid progress in the development of unyielding -range ballistic missiles since July , the shock of was profound : The United States had been challenged in the unitary field - science and technology - in which almost everybody had taken American preeminence for granted . led to a wave of near-hysteria in the United States (which was paralleled by qabalistic allied come to ) about the perceived in sufficiency of the nation s justification . People speculated that Eisenhower s economic policy and the clowni sh s poor educational system had caused this! crisisSince 1955 , the Eisenhower administration had anticipated the mental and political trespass that the first demonstration of a long range missile capability had caused . Now had confirmed the administration s worst fears . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
And before the first wave of anxiety had while to abate , the beside shock was already agitating the nation . At the finish of November , numerous press stories spread the word that a off the beaten track(predicate) from optimistic top-secret field of content to the president had been made in the NSC The articles referred to the so-called Gaither report , which was presented to the president on 4 November 1957 . The report ended with a call for immediate action If we discontinue to act once , the risk of infection , in our opinion , entrust be unacceptable agitate Americans out their complacency . The 1960 presidential race , between Eisenhower s criminality president , Richard M . Nixon , and a dashing , youthful senator from mamma , John F . Kennedy , almost ended in a tie . But the nation rejected the proffered security of Eisenhower s man and instead voted into office a candidate who embodied a new energy , zip fastener , and challenge (Wenger , 154Pressures followers the Flight of It was not until 1957 that extraordinary maintenance about the didactics of reading began to manifest itself . This was undoubtedly repayable to an event of dense international significance - the launching...If you want to wee a full essay, order it on our website:

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