Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Social inequality

2.1.5(16 Questions) 1. High frequency clock, control unit, and arithmetic logic unit 2. selective information bus, control bus, and address bus 3. dissimilarity in speeds of processor, system bus, and retentiveness circuits 4. Fetch, decode, and execute 5. Fetch operand and computer storage output operand 6. Fetch Stage 7. When the processor does not continue until all steps are completed in the set out beginning the next commission. It executes the steps in a parallel. 8. 12 9. 12 10. It has 2 or more execution pipelines: It makes it affirmable for 2 instructions to be in the execution fix up at the comparable m 11. 5 12. Programs filename 13. OS executes branching instruction that causes the CPU to execute programs inaugural instruction 14. Runs multiple tasks at the same time 15. Allocates slice of CPU time (time slice) to each task 16. Process registers, program call, locating flags and references to tasks memory segments 2.2.5( 12 Questions) 1. saved mode, real-address mode, and system management mode 2. EAX,EBX,ECX,EDX,EBP,ESP,ESI, and EDI 4. Serves as a loop counter by the CPU 5. EBP,ESI,EDI 6. Overflow, sign, adjust and parity 7. Carry(CF) 8. Overflow(OF) 9.Sign(SF) 10. Floating point unit(FPU) 11. 80 Bits 12. Intel 386 Processor 13. Pentium 2.3.3(12 Questions) 1. 4GB 2. 1MB 3. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
cut off memory 4. 09001h 5. 02001 6. 32 Bit 7. SS 8. Segment descriptor tables 9. world(prenominal) descriptor table 10. Permits lend memory used by all programs running at the same time to be much larger than the computers carna l memory 11. scrap: - 12. Challenge: - ! 2.4.5(10 Questions) 1. Used for expensive, high speed, cache memory. Does not have to be refreshed 2. Intel 8237 3. Handles requests from the hardware to interrupt the CPU 4. Video peril RAM 5.A beam of electrons illuminates phosphorus dots on the screen called pixels. It starts at the occur of the screen and the gun fires electrons from left to right in a horizontal row. It briefly turns off and then turns on and...If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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