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Lupe Arredondo In “Bien Pretty” And Clemencia In “

Lupe Arredondo in Bien Pretty and Clemencia in never adopt a Mexican In Bien Pretty, Lupe Arredondo is a painter that lives in San Antonio & antiophthalmic factor; house sits for an artistryist. In this fiction, Lupe talks about the reason for vox populi unbeautiful, her exterminator. She tries to convince herself that she doesnt applaud life him. In Never Marry a Mexican, Clemencia is told, by her beat, to never marry a Mexican. passim this fiction, Clemencia tells us about her ex- acknowledger, Drew, who leaves her for his ex-wife. In Bien Pretty, Lupe Arredondo is a truly banish individual; she says that she used to be beautiful sooner she met Flavio Munguia, the exterminator, because he wore away her beauty (137). She is in denial of her love for him, bit overly loving her favorite hobby, painting. She shows her love for art by asking Flavio to be her model (144). Once he agrees, e actually(prenominal) other Sunday they go to studio. This is when she falls in lo ve with him. Lupe is very hard-headed; she likes to find out things on her own, without taking advice from others. Lupe shows her hard-headiness when Beatriz asks her hence she is moving to Texas and it would be a bad idea that Lupe moves anyways (141). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In Never Marry a Mexican, Clemencia is strong and mold on not being with a Mexican; she says she leave solo never marry any man (68). She sees herself as independent, stating that she doesnt belong to any class. She alike has more than two jobs (71). Clemencia becomes very bitter due to her relation with Drew. She uses the son of Drew to get back at him (74 ). Clemencia is very dynamic. She forces her! self to believe that she will never marry a man due to the way she and her set out are treated. Clemencia multitasks by having many jobs and still being fitting to pay the bills. She is strong willed and will do anything to be blithe because she knows she deserves it. Clemencia changes more; she went from independent to bitter. She loves that she can be single, but is also showing hatred for the way...If you want to get a honourable essay, order it on our website:

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