Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Leadership Document

I am an out dismissal enthusiastic person and looking that even though I strike neer been on O Staff before, my experiences from the past three gray age at college would be a help to advise and gain ground to unveiling freshmen. I think that one of my most worth(predicate) characteristics, as an Orientation Leader would be compassion for everyone and wanting to take form people feel wel fall and loved. I issue what it is standardised to come into a situation where you go intot bang eachone and want to make a grand impression and apprize hopefully help to ease well-nigh of the anxiety freshmen may have and help them to relax and be themselves in this enkindle rising chapter of their lives. I think that as a comrade draw I would be make to care for the new students and encourage them to become involved and think ways they tycoon like to become a branch of the community. Another prime(prenominal) of a leader would be to throw off any stereotypes an d negative connotations that I may wrongfully take in some any organization or group on campus so that the student may have an open headway going into a new environment. As a lucifer leader I would assist the new students in the diversity socially and academically. Twin Towers: Bilingual Focus Group La U. Y Tu Childrens Program Spanish Academy: police squad Leader Curriculum Coordinator (volunteering at Elementary once a week to teach Spanish) unify Worship Work: athletic Office CSI: 2007, 2009 Track (400 runner) Kappa Alpha Theta An estimation I have for Orientation involves findting students more alert and involved in a service organization from the abide go. Granted we dont want students jumping at every opportunity the first-year day and sign up for every organization, but I think service is something if initiated from the fount is more likely to be continued. My freshman year we did a tour of Spartanburg (my group toured old mill area s) which is great-- to get to know the city ! we are sustainment in. However, I picture students signing up before they come for a service...If you want to get a full essay, holy order it on our website:

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