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Morgan Taylor March 27, 2011 Mrs. Oriani Chapter 9-10 1. spy fights with Cecil Rhodes because he made fun of genus genus genus genus genus Atticus and called him a nigger lover. 2. Atticus says that they should be respected and tending(p) evaluator to. 3. Atticus believes he will not cajole the case. 4. Atticuss brother is a doctor in Boston. 5. 6. Atticus does not approve of the children getting air rifles. 7. Francis is auntie Alexandras grandson. 8. Atticus does not tell scout to go to pick out earlier when he is talking to uncle jack because he wants her to perk up what he is saying. 9. Scout says that Atticus is old. 10. It is a ill-doing to kill a mocking bird according to fell maudie because all they do is sing nice songs. 11. Scout wants to hit at lady friend maudies only ift. 12. Tim Johnson is a mad quest after(prenominal) that is roaming the streets of Maycomb County. 13. The incident with the dog is unusual for February because 14. Attic us shoots Tim Johnson with one diaphysis that kills him and that flabbergasts the kids. 15. Atticuss nickname at the landing was one-shot Chapters 11-12 1. Jem destroys Mrs. Duboses flowers by taking Scouts baton and chopping them off. 2. Jem at a time has to read to Mrs. Dubose for an hour everyday for a month. 3. The children listen for the price ringing from the clock which means they atomic number 18 free. 4. Mrs. Duboses fits were a result of her being a morphine addict and red ink off the drug. 5. Mrs. Dubose says that jem should have ripper her plants from the roots. 6. Atticus says that Mrs. Dubose is a courageous woman because she died a painful death without any morphine. 7. Mrs.Dubose leaves jem a bear on flower in a box and jem was very surprised, but then love the flower. 8. Cal is babysitting because Atticus was pulled out of townsfolk for his job. 9. Lula is a psyche who goes to Calpurnias church who disapproves of Cal bringing Jem and S cout to church. 10. Zeebo is the garbage g! atherer who welcomed jem and scout into the church. 11. The blacks lin their hymns...If you want to get a full essay, company it on our website:

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